Open Orange Bowl Regatta
Coconut Grove Sailing Club | December 27-30, 2011

29ER, Division (25 boats)

Race 11
Race Information: Start Date/Time = December 30, 2011 00:00:00
Sail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
123Carlos Robles Florian Trittel c.n. el Balis/ x /0.00 1
2USA 200Daniel Goldman Chris Price RWU/ DCYC /0.00 2
3SWE 1733Johanna Sommarlund Marcus Anjemark Royal Swedish Yacht Club/ x /0.00 3
41472Rob Rice Matt McDermaid ABYC/ x /0.00 4
5259Christopher Williford Kai Friesecke Lauderdale Yacht Club/ Lauderdale Yacht Club /0.00 5
6USA 927Annie Schmidt Helena Scutt SFYC/ x /0.00 6
7GER955Laura Block Moritz Block KYC/ x /0.00 7
8USA 1268Patrick Snow Storm Brown San Diego Yacht Club/ San Diego Yacht Club /0.00 8
9USA 22Tyler Macdonald Mike Deady Newport Harbor Yacht Club/ x /0.00 9
10USA 1446A. Tucker Atterbury Newt Cutcliffe Santa Barbara yacht Club/ x /0.00 10
11CAN1047Lauren Laventure Danielle Boyd PCYC/ KYC /0.00 11
12111Duncan Williford Matthew Mollerus Lauderdale Yacht Club/ Larchmont Yacht Club /0.00 12
13USA 1445Kyle Cobbs Brendon Bottom CCYC/ x /0.00 13
14USA 490Sterling Henken JP Barnes San Diego Yacht Club/ San Diego Yacht Club /0.00 14
15USA20Judge Ryan Hans Henken SDYC/ StFYC /0.00 15
16USA 267Jack Toland Nate Clemett Seattle Yacht Club/ Seattle Yacht Club /0.00 16
17USA 227Scott Buckstaff James Moody San Francisco Yacht Club/ SFYC /0.00 17
18001Campbell D'Eliscu William McBride NHYC/ x /0.00 18
19888Jackson Fadely Pere Puig CRYC/ CRYC /0.00 19
20USA 510Paris Henken Connor Kelter San Diego Yacht Club/ New Port Harbor Yacht Club /0.00 20
21USA 1995Zack Downing Andrew Cates San Diego Yacht Club/ x /0.00 21
22418Cody Stansky Scott Ewing CRYC/ CRYC /0.00 22
23CAN 241Jean Matthieu Bolland Ben Strickland Barrie YC/ X /0.00 23
24USA 841Adele Whitmyer Katie Kelley Noroton YC/ x /0.00 24
25USA270Devon Feusahrens Lauren Feusahrens SMSA/ SMSA /0.00 25

Race Information: Start Date/Time = December 30, 2011 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Ron Rostorfer

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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