US Sailing's 2015 Chubb U.S. Junior Sailing Championship for the Sears, Bemis and Smythe Trophies
Wianno Yacht Club | August 02-06, 2015

Wianno Senior (top)
Series Standing - 11 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Thursday, August 06, 2015 12:20:04 PM CDT
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Division: (11 boats) Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. Dane Byerly/Howdy Hughes
Collin Scoville
Carson Shields, Lakewood Yacht Club, 1-[9]-1-1-2-6-2-2-1-1-1- ; 18   
2. Reid Shanabrook/William Bedford
Grant Adam
Benjamin Pitman, Pleon Yacht Club, [9]-4-4-3-8-5-1-5-3-3-6- ; 42   
3. Jacob Seicshnaydre/Dawson Doucet
Grant Kalil
Mallory Edwards, GYC, 6-3-2-5-3/SCP-3-[8]-3-6-8-5- ; 44   
4. Charlie Hibben/CJ McKenna
William Cannistraro
Morgan Farber, Wianno Yacht Club, 2-1-5-2-5/SCP-2-5-7-[11]-11-7- ; 47T   
5. Sammy Shea/Nolan Van Dine
Chloe Bohannon
Jackson Ritter, San Francisco Yacht Club, 5-5-7-4-5-4-6-6-[9]-2-3- ; 47T   
6. George Hambleton/Ian Hunter
Jonathan Balent
Huston Locht, Fort Walton Yacht Club, [12/*]-10-10-8-4-8-3-1-2-4-4- ; 54T   
7. Wally Dawydiak/Ava Dawydiak
Danny Strebel
Matthew Linehan, Westhampton Yacht Squadron, 4-6-8-6-6-1-7-4-7-5-[10]- ; 54T   
8. Grant Gridley/Dylan Brady
Alexa Ripple
Conor Chapman, Willamette Sailing Club, 3-7-3-9-9-9-[11]-8-5-6-8- ; 67   
9. Ryan Milani/Connor Ludwick
Tessa Ludwick
Casey Ruppen, Pymatuning Yacht Club, [10]-2-6-10-10-10-9-10-4-10-2- ; 73   
10. Oliver Parsons/Caroline Macaulay
George Moss
Sarah Wilkinson, Mudheads, 8-8-9-7-7-[11]-4-11-8-9-9- ; 80   
11. Nolan Laramore/Cole Oxe
Paris Sato
Ryan Murray, Hawaii yacht club, 7-[11]-11-11-11-7-10-9-10-7-11- ; 94   

Scoring System is RRS Low Point 2017-2020

- Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
- Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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