23rd Annual Harvest Moon Regattaź
Lakewood Yacht Club | October 01-December 31, 1969

Series Standing - 1 race scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Sunday, October 04, 2009 4:35:08 PM CDT
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Division: CAT (11 boats) Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 726, Reflection, Todd Sampsel/Patricia Sampsel
Kirby Sampsel
Jay Sampsel
Erik Sampsel
Bob Buddingh
Todd Sampsel[M][CAT], Seabrook Marina, 1- ; 1   
2. 246, WindSwept, Lawrence Frank/William Walton
John Parker
Neil Gallagher
Orlando Duran
Lisa Kelley
Lawrence Frank[M][CAT], Bay Yacht Club, 9- ; 9   
3. 1511, Easyway, Steve Samuel[L][CAT], none, 15- ; 15   
4. 8, Dionysus, Trevor Rabie/Alec Horn
Stanley Pool
Ronald Swatzyna
Wayne Wilcox[K][CAT], None, 17- ; 17   
5. 11021, Marcela, Paul Ake/Chase McCree
Bruce Riffle
Shannon Wenger[M][CAT], watergate, 25- ; 25   
6. 3469, Quest, S Dennis Fegan/S Dennis Fegan
Rod Worrell
David Applegate
Robert Derring
Johnny Pickel
Carl Stendebach[O][CAT], Galveston Yacht Club, 27- ; 27   
7. 121, Grand Cru, Mark Romanchock/Ursula Edwards
Yvonne Griffin
Tom Helm
Carl Hamstra
Alonzo Williams[K][CAT], none, 52/DNF- ; 52T   
7. 616, Joint Venture, Lee Keiffer[M][CAT], None, 52/DNF- ; 52T   
7. 5160, Savanna, Craig Carson/Nick Isaacs
Eric Stidman
David Daley
Thomas Wright[O][CAT], None, 52/DNF- ; 52T   
7. 464, Carpe Diem, Gus Olson/Karla Olson
Al Holland
Brian Laney
Gus Olson[L][CAT], Lakewood Yacht Club, 52/DNF- ; 52T   
7. 456, Just One g, Steve Sambell[L][CAT], WindPath Sailing, 52/DNC- ; 52T   

Scoring System is RRS Low Point 2013-2016

- Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
- Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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