2009 U.S. Offshore Championship
U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Squadron | September 25-29, 2009

NAVY 44 (8 boats) (top)
Series Standing - 7 races scored

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Regatta results last updated: Sunday, September 27, 2009 5:19:14 PM CDT
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Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. Bruce Kuryla/Blake Marriner
Mike Lebov
Bruce T. Kuryla
Thomas Jankun
kevin tisdall
Bruce S. Kuryla
Andy Schwartzkopff
Laurence Welch
William Tyler, New York / Milford, 4-7-4-2-6-2-2- ; 27   
2. Mike Gable/Robert Hobbs
Al Thompson
Michael Horan
Cameron Salmon
Jim Traun
Jeff Linton
Tom Barry, Davis Island Yacht Club, 6-1-1-6-2-6-6- ; 28T   
3. Ralph J Di Mattia/Danielle Van Strien
Francis Hennigan
William Hines
Ted Mellors
Philip Johnson
Michael Feeley
Michele Pruden, Hingham Yacht Club, 3-4-6-3-8-3-1- ; 28T   
4. Norman Dawley/Dan Trammell
James Whited
Jean Myer
Peter Quinn
Gregg Baldwin
Ron Wilson
Robert Stratton, SMSA, 7-2-7-4-4-1-5- ; 30T   
5. Kenneth King/David Rodarte
Randy Draftz
Thomas Harken
miles martschink
Danny Havens
Guy Mossman
Brian Swan, CORA,ChYC,CYC, 2-3-2-8-7-5-3- ; 30T   
6. MIDN 1/C Jason Mazzoni/Jason Mazzoni
Ken Endicott
Alisa Albrecht
Christopher Tyson
Chris Burke
Cory Sheeron
Nick Bernard, US Naval Academy, 5-8-3-1-3-9/DSQ-7- ; 36T   
7. Thomas (Todd) Wheatley/Chris Mewes
Michael Corzine
Jack Johnson
James Lincoln
James Wasti
William O'Brien
Benjamin Wheatley
S Thomas Wheatley, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, 1-6-5-7-5-4-8- ; 36T   
8. Steve Rhyne/Kevin Hayes
Chad Melanson
Chris Alk
Burns Brown
michael mcgagh
Jon Halvorsen
John Wilson, Lakewood Yacht Club, 8-5-8-5-1-7-4- ; 38   

Scoring System is RRS Low Point 2013-2016

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Information is final.

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