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Great 48 Regatta at Lake Norman Yacht Club

May 08-09, 2016
42 people have registered for this event

Flying Scot
    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Jake Barnhardt

1280 Flying Scot, Mooresville, North Carolina USA
2. Tommy Weaver

2 Flying Scot, Irmo, SC USA
3. Elizabeth Elden

5866 Flying Scot, Mooresville, NC USA
4. Larry Lewis

3933 Flying Scot, Mooresville, North Carolina USA
5. Walter Rothschild

5615 Flying Scot, Winston Salem, NC USA
6. Brian Hayes

5761 Flying Scot, Milford, CT USA
7. Debbie Cycotte

4603 Flying Scot, Hartfield, VA USA
8. Tyler Andrews

6098 Flying Scot, Deer Park, MD USA
9. Wendell Gundlach

5980 Flying Scot, Greensboro, NC USA
10. Steve Morris

3500 Flying Scot, Greensboro, NC USA
11. Tim Porter

5022 Flying Scot, Cornelius, North Carolina USA
12. Colin Graidage

5480 Flying Scot, Huntersville, NC USA
13. joseph lux

3211 Flying Scot, mooresville, nc USA
14. Jon Skoog

5870 Flying Scot, Mars, PA USA
15. Mark Benner

6011 Flying Scot, Monroeville, Pa USA
16. Ben Williams

5897 Flying Scot, Urbana, IL USA
17. Ryan Gaskin

5673 Flying Scot, Columbia, South Carolina USA
18. steven Jones

6101 Flying Scot, Greensboro, nc USA
19. Carol Claypool

4282 Flying Scot, King, NC USA
20. charlie Buckner

5971 Flying Scot, Chapel Hill, NC North Carolina USA
21. Joel Blade

5691 Flying Scot, Mooresville, NC USA
22. Allan Gowans

5642 Flying Scot, Chapin, SC USA
23. Joe Brake

3033 Flying Scot, Beaufort, NC USA
24. Bill Ross

6020 Flying Scot, Mooresville, NC USA
25. Robert Bouknight

801 Flying Scot, Greensboro, NC USA
26. Richard Worthen

4586 Flying Scot, Mooresville, NC USA
27. John Kreidler

5310 Flying Scot, Simpsonville, SC USA
28. John Rue

4485 Flying Scot, Columbia, SC USA
29. M. Bane Shaw

5214 Flying Scot, Mooresville, NC USA
30. Sean O'Donnell

5171 Flying Scot, Cornelius, NC USA
31. Mark Riefenhauser

5516 Flying Scot, Southbury, CT USA
32. Lynn Bruss

5152 Flying Scot, Lookout Mountain, GA USA
33. Joe Price

6092 Flying Scot, Southport, NC USA
34. Nicholas Huffeldt

5295 Flying Scot, Winston-Salem, NC USA
35. Peter Beam

6038 Flying Scot, Sherrills Ford, NC USA
36. Robert Fields

5963 Flying Scot, Charlotte, N C USA
37. John Wake

5341 Flying Scot, Richmond, Virginia USA
38. Frank Gerry

6060 Flying Scot, Sugar Grove, Illinois USA
39. Mark Wilson

3633 Flying Scot, Greensboro, NC USA
40. Eric Bussell

5631 Flying Scot, Philo, Illinois USA
41. Chris Herman

4088 Flying Scot, Winston salem, NC USA
42. Larry Vitez

5085 Flying Scot, Charlotte, NC USA

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