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Sport Boat Invitational and 2017 Express 27 Nationals

October 06-08, 2017
37 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron

6 PAC 221 DIV A
Richmond, CA Richmond Yacht Club
2. Robert Milligan

Rampage 582 DIV A
Pinole, CA RYC
3. Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas

Prime Number 0029 DIV A
Gardnerville, NV RYC
4. Brian Mullen
Brian Mullen

Orange You Glad 607 DIV A
Oakland, CA St. FYC
5. Jennifer Canestra

Boomer 676 DIV A
Greenbrae, CA CYC
6. Kelly Pike

Mavxerick 143 DIV A
Half Moon Bay, CA Half Moon Bay Yacht Club
7. Ian Chamberlain

Abracadabra 28927 DIV A
Petaluma, CA RYC
8. Bryce Griffith
Bryce Griffith

Arch Angel 3 DIV A
Reno, NV RYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Phil Kanegsberg
Denise Hammond

UDecide 155 DIV B
Reno, NV Richmond
2. Michael Josselyn
Michael Josselyn

Uhoo! 62 DIV B
San Anselmo, CA Richmond Yacht Club
3. Dale Scoggin

Frisky 281 DIV B
Pleasant Hill, CA Richmond Yacht Club
4. John Wolfe

Breakaway 180 DIV B
Orinda, CA RYC
5. David Woodside
David Woodside

Uagain 176 DIV B
San Francisco, Ca csc

Express 27
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. John Kearney

Salty Hotel 60 Express 27
San Francisco, CA CYC
2. Ross Groelz
Ross W Groelz

Eagle 29 Express 27
South Lake Tahoe, CA Lake Tahoe Windjammers
3. James Gibbs
James Gibbs

Moonlight 28059 Express 27
Corte Madera, CA Corinthian Yacht Club
4. Ted Lohr

Monster Express 40316 Express 27
Hood River, OR Hood River Yacht Club HRYC
5. John Rivlin
John Rivlin

Peaches 18364 Express 27
Palo Alto, CA StFYC
6. Seth Clark

Current Affair 56 Express 27
El Cerrito, CA RYC
7. Mark Murray

Artemis 12 Express 27
San Francisco, CA Corinthian Yacht Club
8. Rebecca Hinden

Bombora 38047 Express 27
Oakland, CA EYC
9. Brendan Busch
Brendan Busch

Get Happy!! 1 Express 27
La Honda, CA TISC
10. Pat Brown
Pat Brown

'Andale 72 Express 27
Valley Springs, CA Stockton Sailing Club
11. Steve Katzman
Steve Katzman

Dianne 0 Express 27
South Lake Tahoe, CA LTWYC
12. Dan Pruzan

Wile E Coyote 11 Express 27
Redwood City, CA Encinal YC
13. Erik Hauge

THumper 77629 Express 27
White Salmon, WA Hood River Yacht Club
14. Nick Gibbens
Nick Gibbens

SHENANIGANS 67 Express 27
San Rafael, CA San Francisco Yacht Club
15. Zachery Anderson
Zachery Anderson

Motorcycle Irene 28137 Express 27
San Francisco, CA RYC
16. John Morrison
John Morrison

Fired Up! 14 Express 27
Olympic Valley, CA Tahoe Yacht Club
17. Paul Deeds

Magic Bus 41 Express 27
Berkeley, CA RYC
18. Ron Kell
oliver kell

Abigail Morgan 18394 Express 27
Mill Valley, CA CYC
19. Matt and Kim Krogstad

Tequila Mockingbird 18353 Express 27
Mill Valley, CA CYC
20. anthony murphy
anthony stephen murphy

bobs 32215 Express 27
point richmond, California ryc
21. Lori Tewksbury
Moni BLum

Hang 20 48 Express 27
Martinez, CA Berkeley Yacht Club
22. Donald Carroll

Take Five 28031 Express 27
Burlingame, CA SSS
23. Peggy Lidster

ATHENA 18409 Express 27
Arvada, CO StFYC
24. Bill Dana

Simply Irresistible 18070 Express 27
San Francisco, CA San Francisco Yacht Club

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