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June 28-29, 2019
112 people have registered for this event

    Name Skipper's Last Name* Boat Name*
1. Andrea Todaro Crate Charmed
2. Aaron Noble Demarest Sodalis III
3. James Morgan Demarest Soladis lll
4. TERRILL MUNKRES Demarest Sodalis III
5. James Demarest Demarest Sodalis III
6. Anne Gogola Demarest Sodalis III
7. Deane Fraser Demarest Sodalis III
8. Cran Fraser Demarest Sodalis III
9. Ian Denson Fetgerston Hi yo silver
10. SEAN FETHERSTON Fetherston Hi Yo Silver
11. Elena Bayanova-Sanford Fetherston Hi Yo Silver
12. Larry Wise Goethe Hamburg II
13. Steven Hammerman Goethe Hamburg II
14. Chris May Goethe Hamburg II
15. patrick gibson Goethe Hamburg II
16. Tal Ozeri Goethe Hamburg II
17. Jonathan McMillan Goethe Hamburg II
18. Dave Hinrichsen Goethe Hamburg II
19. Andrew Houghton Goethe Hamburg II
20. Luis Segundo Greak Edelweiss
21. John Greak Greak Edelweiss
22. Dennis Eck Greak Edelweiss
23. Jorge Viamontes Greak Elderweiss
24. Jim Davis Greak Eddlewise
25. Paul Shields Greak Edelwise
26. Jack Dunn Greek Edelweiss
27. Joseph Peine Hamilton Ground Effect
28. Kate McConnico Hamilton Ground Effect
29. Donald Clayton Hamilton Ground Effect
30. Gary Clayton Hill Second Star
31. Susan Hill Hill Second Star
32. Austin Pickens Hill Second Star
33. Evan Smith Hill Second Star
34. Jesse Fulmer Hill Second Star
35. Ben Gray Hill Second Star
36. Edward Kennedy Hunkins Leopard
37. Walter Horton Hunkins Horrible Old Leopard
38. L Dwayne Breaux Johnson Karma
39. Patty Busmire Johnson Karma
40. Steve Robinson Johnson Karma
41. Nathaniel Kemberling Johnson Karma
42. Janna Keever Keever BAG
43. Darin Keever Keever BAG
44. Joshua Figuered Keever BAG
45. Kelly Phillips Keever BAG
46. rene bleckwehl Knickrehm Seute Deern
47. Anatoli Doudnikov Knickrehm SEUTE DEERN
48. Inessa Doudnikova Knickrehm SEUTE DEERN
49. Jimmie Buchanan Knickrehm Seute Deern
50. Jack Seitzinger Knicktrehm Seute Deern
51. Victor Rice Laster Bad Girl
52. Natasha Peake Laster Bad Girl
53. Bridget Scheib Laster Bad Girl
54. Clint Green Laster Bad Girl
55. Paul Cammarata Liston Aeolus
56. Jon Larson Liston Aeolus
57. Brandon Rathke Liston Aeolus
58. Douglas Cagle Liston Aeolus
59. Jason Stein Liston Aeolus
60. Michael Kelley Livingston Deja Vu
61. Luke Miller Livingston Deja Vu
62. John Thomas Livingston Deja Vu
63. Jay Livingston Livingston Deja Vu
64. René Arriens Livingston Deja vu
65. Ryan Myers Livingston Deja Vu
66. Diane Myers Livingston Deja vu
67. Ronald Eddleman Marty Pedowicz Hobgobblin
68. Jeff Corbin Minor Other Woman
69. Westin Harrison Minor Other Woman
70. William Turner Minor Other Woman
71. Aaron Davis Minor Other Woman
72. James Anderson Minor The other woman
73. Gary Thies Nicole Laster Bad Girl
74. chris Parrish Parrish Resolute
75. Benjamin Parrish Parrish Resolute
76. Cyndi McDermott Pedowicz Hobgoblin
77. Jeffery Berger Pedowicz Hobgoblin
78. Gavin Gerondale Pedowicz Hobgoblin
79. Thomas Helm Pedowicz Hobgoblin
80. Tom Sharkey Pedowicz Hobgoblin
81. Annelies van Schie Pedowicz Hobgoblin
82. Terry Minter Van rasvenswaay Sea nymph
83. Bill van Ravenswaay van Ravenswaay Sea Nymph
84. Scott McClure Van Ravenswaay Sea Nymph
85. Charles Buckner Van Ravensway Sea Nymph
86. Dmitriy Yegorov Van Rravensway Sea Nymph
87. John Mastroianni VanRavenswaay Sea Nymph
88. DAVID SHROUT Vogelsang Nemesis
89. Justin Erickson Vogelsang Nemisis
90. Shannon Erickson Vogelsang Nemesis
91. Ashley Shutter Vogelsang Nemesis
92. Maury Walker Walker Good News
93. Hugh Irvine Walker Good News
94. Florence Rodriguez Waters Second Wind
95. Javier Almodovar waters Second Wind
96. Mark Matthews Waters Second Wind
97. Alexandra Leming Waters Second Wind
98. Hayden Rinehart Waters Second Wind
99. Michael Hatley Waters Second Wind
100. James Apple Waters Second Wind
101. Laura Midulla Waters Second Wind
102. Velita Way Way Try Me
103. Eric Simonson Wescoat Harm's Way
104. HeeJung Wescoat wescoat harm’s way
105. Guillaume Descamps Wescoat Arms’away
106. Emily Farris Wescoat Harm’s Way
107. Andy Wescoat Wescoat Harm’s Way
108. Kathleen Taylor Wescoat Harm's Way
109. Casey Brann Wescoat Harm's Way
110. Cody Oeung Wescoat Harm's Way
111. BRUCE MARTIN Wescoat Harm's Way
112. Christopher Brown Wescoat Harms Way

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