Registrants For
2019 BEMIS/SMYTHE Area E Eliminations for the Chubb U.S. Sailing Junior Sailing Championships (c420 and Laser
Edgewater Yacht Club

July 05-07, 2019
48 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Sail Boat Name Fleet Yacht Club Notes
1. Brendan Decator
7533 C420s NCYC
2. Michael Kirkman
8269 C420s Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
3. Conner Kirkman
8321 C420s Crescent Sail YC
4. Gavin Webster
12345 C420s Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
5. Dougie Cowan
8701 C420s Bayview Yacht Club
6. Matthew Mrocca
696 C420s NCYC
7. Chad Schaffner
Joe Lavelle
7806 C420s Cleveland Yacht Club
Cleveland Yacht Club
8. Jack Vanderhorst
8490 C420s Edgewater Yacht Club
9. Anthony Farrar
8704 C420s Erie Yacht Club
10. Annika Vanderhorst
7162 C420s Sandusky Sailing Club
11. Bill Lazzaro
7760 C420s Cleveland Yachting Club
12. Kieran Mcsweeney
7699 C420s Edgewater Yacht Club
13. Brady Starck
7706 C420s Cleveland Yacht Club
14. Sophia van Heeckeren
7957 C420s Edgewater Yacht Club
15. Michaela ODonnell
8256 C420s Edgewater Yacht Club
16. Ellen Petrigan
Sam Walcott
8613 C420s VBC
17. Henry Polaski
Daniel Wolford
8527 C420s Erie Yacht Club
Erie Yacht Club
18. Jake Varga
Ashley Almquist
7954 C420s Edgewater Yacht Club
Edgewater Yacht Club
19. Fletcher Allyn
Anderson "Fisher" Allyn
1630 C420s MHYC
20. Elliott Mendenhall
6877 C420s Rochester Yacht Club
21. Max Klaasen
Luc Walz
8095 C420s Crescent sail yacht club

    Skipper Sail Boat Name Fleet Yacht Club Notes
1. Grace Squires
8256 Crew Edgewater Yacht Club
2. Daniel Snow
696 Crew North Cape Yacht Club
3. Cordelia Van der Veer
7533 Crew North Cape Yacht Club
4. William Mcbrier
8704 Crew Erie Yacht Club
5. Kellie Keane
7162 Crew Sandusky Sailing Club
6. Robert Mansuetto
7760 Crew Cleveland Yachting Club
7. Carly Starck
7706 Crew Cleveland Yacht Club
8. Stephanie Posedel
7957 Crew Edgewater Yacht Club
9. Daniel van Heeckeren
8490 Crew Edgewater Yacht Club
10. Ryan Hexter
2345 Crew Bayview Yacht Club
11. Zach Rockwell
8269 Crew Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
12. Dominic Dulac
8321 Crew Crescent Sail Yacht Club
13. Robert Keyser
7699 Crew Edgewater Yacht Club
14. Emelia Kaza
6877 Crew Rochester Yacht Club

Laser Radial
    Skipper Sail Boat Name Fleet Yacht Club Notes
1. William Carroll
54 Laser Radial Cleveland Yacht Club
2. Siri Schantz
29 Laser Radial Leatherlips Yacht Club
3. AJ Kozaritz
22 Laser Radial Vermilion Boat Club
4. Billy Vogel
21-2436 Laser Radial Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
5. Emma Friedauer
70 Laser Radial Hoover Sailing Club
6. Jonathan Mack
119 Laser Radial Cleveland Yachting Club
7. Nicholas Voyzey
97 Laser Radial Edgewater Yacht Club
8. Iain McSweeney
87 Laser Radial EWYC
9. Spencer Barnes
10. Alex Schock
69 Laser Radial Edgewater Yacht Club
11. Will Thornton
3 Laser Radial Cleveland Yatching Club
12. Molly Gregory
32 Laser Radial Edgewater Yacht Club
13. Grace Quasebarth
55 Laser Radial Edgewater Yacht Club

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