Registrants For
Bacardi Keelboat Regatta 2019
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

November 20-23, 2019
23 people have registered for this event

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. John Hele Leatrice Oatley

671 / BER 671 Etchells, Etchells Warwick, Warwick BER
2. Timothy Patton

BER 1249 Etchells, Hamilton, Hamilton BER
3. Mark Watson Dirk Kneulman

1467 Etchells, Etchells Burlington, ON CAN
4. Paul Wright

704 Etchells, Hamilton, Pembroke BER

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Buddy Clarke Shelly McNair, Greg Busche, Bill Culberson
Buddy Clarke
Buddy Clarke
2. Craig Davis

16 IOD, Hamilton, Hamilton BER BER
3. Kelsey Durham

18 IOD, Smiths, Smiths BER
4. Michael Fortenbaugh

10 IOD, Jersey City, NJ USA USA
5. Andreas Giacoumis Michael Barry
Andreas Giacoumis
22 IOD, Hoboken, NJ USA USA
6. Courtenay Jenkins
Courtenay Jenkins
15 IOD, Owings Mills, MD USA USA
7. Bill McNiven

11 IOD, Pembroke, Pembroke BER BER
8. Todd Murphy Doug Moreland

17 IOD, Bedminster, NJ USA USA
9. Jean-Lou Pengelly Amy Pengelly

20 IOD, St. Geroge's, St. Geroge's BER BER
10. Charles Rishor

23 IOD, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
11. Nicholas Schoeder

14 IOD, Boston, MA USA USA
12. Blythe Walker

21 IOD, Paget, Paget BER BER

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. James Macdonald/ Bill Lakenmacher (USA) Bill Lakenmacher

BER 405 J105, Smiths, Smiths BER
2. Peter Bromby/ Cheryl Harvey (Int) Lee White (local)/Cheryl Harvey (Int)

BER 888 J105, Warwick, Warwick BER
3. Hasso Plattner/ Glenn Astwood Glenn Astwood

BER 286 J105, Hamilton, Hamilton BER
4. Jon Corless/ Jason Owen (UK) Jason Owen

BER 105 J105, Pembroke, Hamilton BER
5. Ed Faries/ Mark Riley Mark Riley

BER 305 J105, Devonshire, Bermuda BER
6. Keith Chiapa/ Paul Beaudin Paul Beaudin

BER 535 J105, Hamilton, Pembroke BER
7. William Pollet Damien Barker

BER 59 J105, Hamilton, Hamilton BER

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