Registrants For
2019 Labor Day Night Race
Davis Island Yacht Club

August 30, 2019
26 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. David Knapp

Serenade None Cruising
Tampa, FL DIYC
2. Art Cupps

First Wind 4951 Cruising
Tampa, FL DIYC
3. Chris Toro
Pat Figley

Wild Thing 335 Cruising
Tampa, FL DIYC
4. Larry and Cary Willis

Patronus 23 Cruising
Tampa, FL diyc
5. Mike Danielson
Mike Danielson

Wings 53275 Cruising
Tampa, FL DIYC
6. Tim Ruman

Another Road H100 Cruising
Plant City, FL DIYC
7. Reg Aitken
Sue Aitken

Karma 3844 Cruising
Brandon, FL DIYC
8. Collin Thompson
Rusty Shenk, Matt Vanture, Todd Gartrell, Jim Stewart

Komus 283 Cruising
Tampa, FL DIYC
9. Tim Rutherford

Chamamé 244 Cruising
Tampa, FL DIYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Michael & Lesa Doyle
Michael & Lesa Alkire Doyle

Wing-it 43620 Racer-Cruiser
Tampa, FL Davis Island Yacht Club
2. David German
David German

Sacred Cow 60740 Racer-Cruiser
Tampa, FL DIYC
3. Russell Hoadley

BLUE HERON 1 Racer-Cruiser

No Way Jose 42696 Racer-Cruiser
Tampa, FL DIYC
5. Maximilian Strobl
Rene Ben-Avraham

Therapy 23565 Racer-Cruiser
Tampa, FL Maximilian: Oxford University Yachting Club; Rene: DIYC
6. Lee Burstiner

REVENGE 005 Racer-Cruiser
Tampa, FL DIYC and TSS

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. George Cussins

Fire & Ice 83198 Spinnaker
Apollo Beach, FL DIYC
2. Benjamin Givens
Benjamin Givens

Sabotage 1858 Spinnaker
Largo, FL DIYC
3. George Haynie
George Haynie

Volpe 180 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL diyc
4. Kenneth Hardy
Kenneth Wilfred Hardy

Tenacity 241 Spinnaker
Riverview, FL DIYC
5. John Lackey
John Lackey

Dr Bligh 30 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL DIYC
6. Steve Vincent
Steve Vincent

Fully Involved 97925 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL DIYC
7. Martha Bone
Bob Touton

Mojo 532 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL DiYC
8. Chip Merlin

Chip’s All In 46453 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL DIYC
9. Scott MacGregor

USA 123 Trash Pandas Racing 123 Spinnaker
St. Petersburg, FL DIYC
10. david Ciesla

88 88 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL DIYC
11. Tarry Grimsdale
Tarry Grimsdale

Rocket 48 Spinnaker
Tampa, FL DIYC

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