Registrants For
2019 Chili Chase Regatta and Cook-off

December 07, 2019
30 people have registered for this event

GBCA Cruising Club
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Mike Keever
Michael D Lewis

BAG 526 GBCA Cruising Club
Kemah, TX GBCA
2. Nicole Laster

Bad Girl 30120 GBCA Cruising Club
Seabrok, TX GBCA
3. Brian Levack
Brian Levack

It'll Do 59 GBCA Cruising Club
Bellaire, Texas GBCA
4. Peter Larabee
Betsy Larabee

Dram Buoy 84 GBCA Cruising Club
Kingwood, TX Waterford, GBCA
5. Bill Tarnick

Sunspot Baby 360 GBCA Cruising Club
Baytown, TX GBCA
6. Mike Lindstrom
Kim Lindstrom

MIKIM None GBCA Cruising Club
Conroe, TX Waterford Yacht Club

Hobgoblin 586 GBCA Cruising Club
8. Andrew Clark
John Andrew Clark

Ox-Bow 196 GBCA Cruising Club
Taylor Lake Village, TX GBCA
9. Walter Horton
Walter Horton

Firewater 21335 GBCA Cruising Club
Seabrook, Texas LYC / GBCA
10. Greg Green
Greg Green

Alive and Free 717 GBCA Cruising Club
Houston, TX WYC/GBCA
11. Ronald Eddleman

Stellar of Course 133 GBCA Cruising Club
Onalaska, TX GBCA
12. Robin Rice

Restless 110 GBCA Cruising Club
Houston, TX Gbca

PHRF Non-Spin
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Doug Cagle
Doug Cagle

Skalawag 11 PHRF Non-Spin
Seabrook, TX GBCA
2. Jim Miller

Renaissance 4398 PHRF Non-Spin
Houston, TX gbca
3. Tim Vogelsang

Nemesis 31707 PHRF Non-Spin
4. Stephen Lack
Stephen Lack

Seven Star 28 PHRF Non-Spin
Houston, TX GBCA
5. Benjamin Miller

Flyer 398 PHRF Non-Spin
El Lago, TX Gbca
6. Jack Sharp

Rosemary 334 PHRF Non-Spin
Dallas, TX WHYC

PHRF Spinnaker
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Ryan Miller

Trick Bag 1155 PHRF Spinnaker
Friendswood, TX J24 Fleet 5
2. Brett Allred

Jackalope 7 PHRF Spinnaker
Taylor Lake Village, TX GBCA
3. Dennis Kokkinis

Spitfire 41 PHRF Spinnaker
Houston, TX LYC
4. Ash Walker
Terry Flynn

RS 21 6 PHRF Spinnaker
Kemah, TX LYC
5. David Christensen
Denise Christensen

Airborne 238 PHRF Spinnaker
League City, TX GBCA/ LYC
6. George Cushing
George E Cushing

77 77 PHRF Spinnaker
Friendswood, TX GBCA
7. Roy Olsen

Danelaw 10312 PHRF Spinnaker
Taylor Lake Village, TX LYC/GBCA
8. Chris Waters

Second Wind 51316 PHRF Spinnaker
Kingwood, TX GBCA
9. Tom Sutton
Tom Sutton

Leading Edge 32581 PHRF Spinnaker
Houston, Texas GBCA/LYC/HYC
10. Gary Thies
Gary L Thies

Student Driver 578 PHRF Spinnaker
La Porte, Texas GBCA
11. Bill Mead

Dragoon 303 PHRF Spinnaker
Houston, TX GBCA,Southern Yacht Club
12. J B Bednar
Kevin Bednar

Stinger 296 PHRF Spinnaker
Houston, TX LYC/GBCA

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