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2021 Bay Cup I

March 06, 2021
72 people have registered for this event

    Name Skipper Last Name* Boat Name*
1. Cody Carson Cammarata Bella Vita
2. Norma Langdon Cammarata Bella Vita
3. Jason Stein Cammarata Bella Vita
4. Alyssa Gilliland Cammarata Bella Vita
5. Aaron Barr Cammarata Bella Vita
6. Andrew Maitland Cammarata Bella Vita
7. Martin McDonald Cammarata Bella Vita
8. Landon Hagan Cammarata Bella Vita
9. Douglas Cagle Cammarata Bella Vita
10. Boyko Delov Christensen Airborne
11. Aaron Brittain Christensen Airborne
12. Bruce Martin Christensen Airborne
13. Eric Simonson Christensen Airborne
14. Brad Bain Christenson Airborne
15. David Sullins Christenson Airbourne
16. Nishant Krishnan Dave Christensen Airborne
17. Bill Rose Durbin Bear
18. Donald Thinschmidt Durdin Bear
19. Jay Lutz Durdin Bear
20. Tim Withall Durdin Bear
21. Alex Assarian Durdin Bear
22. James Berry Durdin Bear
23. Dick Morton Eddleman Stellar of Course
24. Nancy Welch Eddleman Stellar of Course
25. Robert Hill Eddleman Stellar of Course
26. Alicia Hill Edelman Stellar of Course
27. Marion Herndon Edleman Stellar of Course
28. William Rose Forbes Bear
29. Blake Caskey Forbes Bear
30. Michael LeCompte Gerhard Figaro
31. David Michael Goethe Hamburg II
32. Eroc Goethe Goethe Hamburg II
33. Jacob Brechan Goethe Hamurg 2
34. Steven Hammerman Goethe Hamburg II
35. Andrew Houghton Goethe Hamburg II
36. Hannah Goethe Goethe Hamburg II
37. Pat Gibson Goethe Hamburg 2
38. Farley Fontenot Goethe Hamberg II
39. douglas cummings Goethe Hamburg II
40. Sylvain Ramshaw Horton Firewater
41. Becky Cleugh Horton FireWater
42. Terry Young Horton Firewater
44. John Hafemeister Horton Firewater
45. shawn vail Horton Firewater
46. Barry Brewer Hunkins Leopard
47. Thomas McClure Hunkins Leopard
48. Edward Kennedy Hunkins Leopard
49. Sofia Kennedy Hunkins Leopard
50. David Brannen Hunkins Leopard
51. john Walker Hunkins Leopard
52. Robert Johnson Johnson Fire water
53. Jimmie Buchanan Knickrehm Seute Deern
54. Anatoli Doudnikov Knickrehm Seute Deern
55. Inessa Doudnikova Knickrehm Seute Deern
56. james powell Laster Bad girl
57. Raji Alatassi Laster Bad Girl
58. Gary Thies Laster Bad Girl
59. Jeffery Berger Marty Pedowicz Hobgoblin
60. Greg Schwarz Paul Camararta Bella Vita
61. Cyndi McDermott Pedowicz Hobgoblin
62. Thomas Helm Pedowicz Hobgoblin
63. Ryan Holloway Pedowicz Hobgoblin
64. Randy DiValerio Ron Eddleman Stellar
65. Shannon DiMascio Waters Second Wind
66. Jordan Bush Waters Second Wind
67. Christopher White Waters Second Wind
68. Gail Gislason Waters Second Wind
69. Martin Reyes Waters Second Wind
70. Andrew Kramer Waters Second Wind
71. Keith Wilson Whitich Figaro 2
72. Linda Hill Wittich Figaro2

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