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Series 2 Thursday Ladies (Bullseye, H12)

July 01-29, 2021
19 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Maeve Egger

Irish Mermaid 468 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
2. Jody Smith
Kristina McDavid

Lois T 64 Bullseye
Fairhaven, MA BYC
3. Diana Markel
Janet Markel

Arioso II B5 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
4. Kathryn Collings
Alanna Nelson

Puff 766 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
5. Heather Parsons

Bona Petite 845 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
6. Diane Bondi-Pickles
Sue Maxwell Lewis

BellaDona 227 Bullseye
Marion, Massachusetts BYC
7. Cheryl Greenfield
Cheryl Greenfield

Chimera 872 Bullseye
Providence, RI Beverly yacht club
8. Suzanne Mcmanmon
Joan Tiffany

Blue Heron 888 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
9. susan mead
elizabeth wohler stowe

Celtica 584 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
10. kathleen reed

RASCAL 645 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Christina Bonney

So Far So Good 142 H12
Marion, MA BYC
2. Jennfier Walsh

Weecapa 564 H12
Marion, MA BYC
3. Laurie Knight
Jennifer Lang

Happy 618 H12
Marion, MA BYC
4. Deborah Bennett Elfers

Tiger Tale 477 H12
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
5. Janet Marshall

Charlotte 349 H12
Marion, MA BYC
6. Cecily Cassum

Wabi Sabi 588 H12
Boston, MA BYC
7. Karen Manning
Karen L Manning

Felicity 499 H12
Marion, MA BYC
8. Ellen Bowler

Evelyn Faye 594 H12
Palm Beach, FL BYC
9. Anne Converse

Dodici 470 H12
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club

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