Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Wayne Balsiger

Rainbow 3664 Thistle
Seattle, WA Corinthian YC of Seattle
2. chris gedrose

Fountain of Heartache 3941 Thistle
North Bend, OR Coos Bay Yacht Club
3. Grant Gridley

Miss Scarlett 3442 Thistle
Milwaukie, Oregon WSC
4. Robert Hillebrand

Osprey 3665 Thistle
Seattle, WA CYC of Seattle
5. Ollie Kunz

4011 Thistle
Portland, OR HRYC
6. Terry Lettenmaier

Go 2700 Thistle
Newport, OR Yaquina Bay YC
7. Kerry Nielan

I'll Show You 3928 Thistle
Seattle, WA CYC Seattle
8. Charles Queen

Sunshine 3519 Thistle
Tacoma, WA CYC
9. JD Reddaway

Hakuna Matata 3883 Thistle
Shoreline, WA CYC
10. Michael Rees

Fling 3590 Thistle
Portland, OR Willamette Sailing Club
11. Kevin Reynolds

Green Machine 2560 Thistle
Portland, OR Willamette Sailing Club
12. ClaireP Siegel-Wilson

Zubenelgenubi 3261 Thistle
Portland, OR WSC
13. Jerry Young

Eeyore 3667 Thistle
Mercer Island, Washington cyc seattle