Name Skipper Name* Name of Boat* Desired t-shirt size (regatta t-shirts may be available for purchase only if purchased by 5:00 p.m. on August 14, 2021).
1. Nick Grant Alex Wings
2. Caroline Glasgow Alex Wings
3. Bill Mead Alex Crowell Wings
4. Andrea Zaite Bee Bednar Stinger
5. Robert Hampton Bee Bednar Stinger
6. Kevin Bednar Bee Bednar Stinger xxl
7. Grant Seiboldt Bee Bednar Stinger
8. Sarah Hampton Bee Bednar Stinger
9. Joyce Maxwell Brian Tulloch Water Nymph
10. Elizabeth Wheeler Brian Tulloch Water Nymph 3
11. Rene Halbardier Brian Tulloch Sea nymph 3
12. Matthew Barrett Brian Tullock Brian Tullock's boat Large
13. Larry Brown James Miller Trickbag
14. Aaron Barr Ken Humphries Outrageous 2
15. Chelsie Kramer Ken Humphries Outrageous 2
16. Andrew Kramer Ken Humphries Outrageous2
17. Jonathan Cook Ken Humphries Outrageous 2 L
18. James Apple Ken Humpries Outrageous2
19. Joanne Humphries Kenneth Humphries Outrageous 2
20. John Parker Meiling Parker Thundercookie Mens XL
21. james powell nicole laster bad girl
22. Steven Cooper Nicole Laster Bad Girl
23. Taylor McCanna Nicole Laster Bad Girl
24. Yvonne Roed Nicole Laster Bad Girl
25. David Brannen Nicole Laster Bad Girl
26. Ryan McCabe Nicole Laster Bad Girl Medium
27. Darcy Mcniel Nicole laster Bad girl
28. Joshua McAuliffe Phillip Davis Rasta Man Men's Large
29. Norma Landon Phillip Davis Rasta Man
30. Christine Edwards Ryan Miller Hurricane Julian M
31. Sharron Sims Ryan Miller Hurricane Julian
32. Nikola Nikolovski Ryan Miller Hurricane Julian Yes. Large
33. Elizabeth Balga Ryan Miller Hurricane Julian
34. Renee Cooper Ryan Miller Hurricane Julian
35. Julia Brandt Tim Johnson Tallawah M
36. Anthony Rothe Tim Johnson Tellawah XL
37. Jane Thomas Travis Thomas LENA
38. Henry May Travis Thomas LENA