Registrants For
2012 Thistle Atlantic Coast Championship
Tred Avon Yacht Club

July 14-15, 2012
35 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Timothy Hussey

Thomas Hussey
Angus Dickinson
Chute 3736 Thistle
Morris Plains, NJ Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club
2. Jim Ballintine

Brendan Ballintine
Samara Popkin
934 Thistle
Colts Neck, NJ Lake Hopatcong YC
3. Tom Hubbell

Grey (doesn't) Matter 3652 Thistle
Delaware, OH Hoover Sailing Club
4. James McKenna

Wizard 3762 Thistle
Annapolis, MD SSA
5. Peter Hale

Susan Hale
Forever 17 3898 Thistle
Stevensville, MD Severn Sailing Association
6. Lloyd Kitchin

Greg Kitchin
cathleen murphy
3860 Thistle
Mt Arlington, New Jersey Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club
7. John Suddreth

2711 Thistle
Midlothian, Va Greater Richmond Sailing Association
8. Brent Barbehenn

Bad Ash 4004 Thistle
Lumberton, NJ SSA
9. victoria gibb

3034 Thistle
Baltimore, Marlyland Glenmar Sailng Association
10. Brian Kitchin

3785 Thistle
Landing, NJ LHYC
11. Matthew Kreuzkamp

Sarah Paisley
Bill Murray
1853 Thistle
Orange, Connecticut Housatonic Boat Club
12. Christopher Pollak

R Lee Stump

Maid-of-Pligh 603 Thistle
Wilton, CT Cedar Point Yacht Club
13. Brian Joyce

Sean Joyce
Aynsley Connell
Tabasco 1394 Thistle
Fairfield, CT Cedar Point Yacht Club
14. Jared Ridder

Erin Hardy
Luke Miller
WTF 3874 Thistle
Nyack, NY Nyack Boat Club
15. Dennis Dunn

Gary Johnson
2893 Thistle
Boalsburg, PA Lake Glendale
16. Allan Terhune, Jr.

Katie Terhune
Sam Parisi
Dazzler 3839 Thistle
Arnold, MD Annapolis YC
17. Robert Perera

1696 Thistle
Richmond, VA Greater Richmond Sailing Association
18. Chris Murphy

Jessica Murphy
ADD 3921 Thistle
Maplewood, NJ LHYC
19. Brad Thompson

Kathy Thomspon
Charlie Bailey
Indefatigablerer 4016 Thistle
Easton, CT Cedar Pointy YC
20. Charlie Kreitler

Mojo 3872 Thistle
Milford, CT Cedar Point Yacht Club, Westport, CT
21. Tom Lawton

Sarah Hatsell
Lee Beauchamp
Mad Cow 1485 Thistle
Nyack, Ny Nyack Boat Club
22. John baker

The LfB 4024 Thistle
stanley, ny Seneca Yacht club
23. Chris Annand

Mike Hennesey
Danielle Bower
4021 Thistle
Townsend, De NCSC
24. John Gilmour

Don Grosse
Thistle 2717 Thistle
Williamsburg, VA None
25. Tim Elfenbein

John Howell

Persnickety 3517 Thistle
Durham, North Carolina none
26. Scott Buehler

George Earle
Sally Rusk
Moooo Cow 3687 Thistle
Wilmington, Delaware New Castle Sailing CLub
27. Brian Swingly

4033 Thistle
Stonington, CT Cedar Point Yacht Club
28. john Majane

Tigger 1869 Thistle
Bethesda, md SSA
29. Steve Gruver

Michael Costello
Kristen Barnard
Irie 3721 Thistle
Bridgeport, CT Cedar Point Yacht Club
30. Billy Wilson

Aaron Holland
Carol Wilson
Alma 3908 Thistle
Livonia, NY Seneca
31. Earl McMaster

3952 Thistle
Newark, DE New Castle Sailing Club
32. Brent Ostbye

Zach Hayes
Wasabi 1115 Thistle
Pikesville, MD Severn Sailing Assoc
33. Charles Krafft

Cairn Krafft
Jo-Jo 635 Thistle
Owings, MD SSA
34. Dick Harrison

michael berninger
3766 Thistle
Hockessin, DE New Castle Sailing Club
35. Joy Yingling

Charliet Yingling
Henry Nisiobincki
1619 Thistle
Rocky River, OH CYC

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