Registrants For
2012 Sunfish All Wednesday Night Races

May 02-September 26, 2012
27 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Ted Owens

78045 Sunfish
Austin, Texas Austin Yacht Club
2. Dennis Tye

3248 Sunfish
Volente, Texas Crew
3. Ed Hill

79640 Sunfish
austin, texas Austin Yacht Club
4. Scott Bryan

80743 Sunfish
Austin, Texas Austin Yacht Club
5. Kevin Reynolds

3218 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
6. Joe Horn

80834 Sunfish
Austin, Tx Austin Yacht Club
7. Annie Lancaster

80640 Sunfish
Austin, TX Austin Yacht Club
8. Bonner Cordelle

7 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
9. John Grzinich

18 Sunfish
Austin, Tx AYC
10. Tom Romberg

57928 Sunfish
Austin, TX Austin Yacht Club
11. Jennifer Loehlin

80953 Sunfish
Austin, TX Austin YC
12. Andy Hempel

71109 Sunfish
Lakeway, Texas austin yacht club
13. Barry Bowden

80867 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
14. Willis Thorstad

36422 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
15. Sarah Faust

76062 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
16. Paul Jensen

77279 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
17. Kimberly Scheberle

77719 Sunfish
Austin, TX Austin Yacht Club
18. John Bartlett

37340 Sunfish
austin, tx AYC
19. Ryan Harden

8 Sunfish
Austin, Tx AYC
20. Bob Leonard

13 Sunfish
Austin, TX Austin Yacht Club
21. Johannes Brinkmann

6 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
22. Ravi Subramanian

12345 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
23. Patricia Manning

80120 Sunfish
Austin, TX AYC
24. Todd Bankler

4744 Sunfish
Austin, Texas AYC
25. Charlie Lancaster

80641 Sunfish
Austin, TX
26. Chris Ehlers

120 Sunfish
Cedar Park, TX Member
27. John Vance

77752 Sunfish
Ausin, Tx

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