Registrants For
2013 Club Championship Series
The San Francisco Yacht Club

March 30-September 28, 2013
44 people have registered for this event

Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Jib Martens

Freedom 18230 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Tibuon, CA
2. Jim Robinson

Belafonte 5000 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Sausalito, Ca
3. Christopher Dawson

Veronese 28458 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, California
4. Michael Malaga

Vento 40841 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
San Francisco, California
5. eric schou

aniara 8553 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
mill valley, ca
6. George Janson

QE3 8049 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, CA
7. Glenn Isaacson

Q 28901 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, CA
8. Edward Thomson

Arriba 8729 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, Calif
9. Tristan Ruhland

Ariadne 28596 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, CA
10. Madeline Morey

Sans Souci 28591 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
San Rafael, ca
11. Charles (Rich) Wideman
Shawn Wideman

Bumpy 40 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Novato, California
12. Ron Roberts
Jay Hooker

SeaGhost 68222 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, CA
13. Steve Rogers
Robert Sellers

Spirit 0275 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, ca
14. PJ Campfield
Kurt Jordan

Toy Box 87324 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Mill Valley, CA
15. Tom Bauch

Ganesha 28862 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
16. Bill / Kyle Smith / Elliott

Fast Friends 18696 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
novato, ca
17. jim rodriguez

firecracker 10038 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
alamo, ca
18. Eben Marsh
Charles Pick

Elusive 42133 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
San Francisco, Ca
19. Richard Pearce
Mark Pearce

Bolero 103 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, CA
20. Derek Meyer

Aquila 28465 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Novato, CA
21. Cissy Kirrane

Robin 18 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, California
22. Robin Driscoll

Freedom 38333 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Los Altos Hills, California
23. Greg Arkus

Cattitude 860 Non-Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, California

Spinnaker (TOT)
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. hank easom

yucca 8526 Spinnaker (TOT)
tiburon, ca
2. Alice Shinn
Jonathan Shinn

Sonata 33685 Spinnaker (TOT)
Greenbrae, CaliforniaL
3. Bill Moore

Shenanigans 67 Spinnaker (TOT)
San Rafael, CA
4. Laurence Bekins
Michael Stephens

Moxie 28217 Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, CA
5. Brent Crawford
John Bobincheck (co-owner)

Fifty/Fifty 144 Spinnaker (TOT)
Novato, CA
6. Ron Young

Youngster 82 Spinnaker (TOT)
Mill Valley, CA
7. Ashley Perrin

Flashman 116 Spinnaker (TOT)
Mill Valley, CA
8. Tina Lundh

Fjording 449 Spinnaker (TOT)
San Rafael, CA
9. Bob Smith

Betelgeuse D40 Spinnaker (TOT)
San Rafael, CA
10. Trygve (Trig) Liljestrand

Ragtime 50090 Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, CA
11. Randy Smith

Fast Break 543 Spinnaker (TOT)
Mill Valley, CA
12. David Carrel
Paul Mourani

Mahna Mahna 18433 Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, CA
13. larry drew
brian kemnitzer

wintersmoon 116 Spinnaker (TOT)
tiburon, ca
14. steve stroub

tiburon 38042 Spinnaker (TOT)
tiburon, CA
15. Tad Lacey
Doug Holm

Mirthmaker 18250 Spinnaker (TOT)
Belvedere, CA
16. Edward Elliott
Ben Wells. Daniel Chador

Blue 2 120 Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, CA
17. Richard vonEhrenkrook

Can o'Whoopass 624 Spinnaker (TOT)
Sebastopol, CA
18. Bill & Frances Melbostad
Teddy Hayden

JR 897 Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, California
19. Craig Page

Wuda Shuda 20354 Spinnaker (TOT)
San Anselmo, CA
20. Scott Lynch

One Trick Pony 158 Spinnaker (TOT)
Tiburon, ca
21. David Schumann

Raven 38073 Spinnaker (TOT)
Mill Valley, CA

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