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2018 Treasure Coast Youth Spring Series, Regatta #3
Treasure Coast Youth Sailing Foundation

February 25, 2018

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I request permission for the above-mentioned Applicant to participate in sailing events with the Treasure Coast Youth Sailing Foundation, Inc. (TCYSF), and to use boats and equipment
owned, leased or operated by TCYSF.

I fully understand that boating, sailing and water related activities can be dangerous activities, and I request permission for the Applicant to participate in these activities knowing they have the potential for being dangerous. I accept and assume all the risks of injury or death of the Applicant, damage to my or the Applicant’s property, and accept any liability that may arise due to the Applicant’s actions when participating in activities, including injury or death or damage to the property of others.

I represent to TCYSF and the City of Fort Pierce, that the Applicant has no undisclosed physical or mental impairment other than as set forth on the TCYSF medical information form, and further represent that the Applicant has no physical or mental limitations or chronic ailments that will prevent him/her from safely participating in the event.

I agree to be responsible for all damages occurring to any TCYSF boats or equipment while said boat or equipment is being used by the Applicant.

I am fully cognizant of the risks of boating, sailing and water related activities, and I understand and agree that the TCYSF and the city of Fort Pierce on-shore and off-shore facilities, including but not limited to hoists, storage facilities, launching ramps, docks and moorings shall be used solely at the Applicant’s own risk.

In exchange for the Applicant being permitted to participate in these activities I hereby release and agree not to make or bring any claim of any kind against TCYSF and the City of Fort Pierce, or their officers, directors, members, employees, contractors or guests, or any landowners, landholders, or other persons making property available to or for TCYSF, for any injury, including death, to the Applicant or any damage to my or the Applicant’s property whether arising from anyone’s negligence or not, or any other cause arising out of the Applicant’s participation in these boating, sailing or water related activities. I also agree if anyone makes any claims because of any injury, including death, or for any damage to my or the Applicant's property, I will keep all those released by this agreement free of any damages or costs because of those claims.

I agree to the above:

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