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2018 Cinco de Mayo Regatta

May 5 - 6, 2018

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I understand that sailing and sailboat racing is a dangerous sport, and that I could be killed or injured participating in the Cinco de Mayo Regatta, and any associated activities. I voluntary assume all risks of participating in this race, including risks arriving from the negligence of its sponsors and organizers. I understand that the decision to sail or race at any time during this event is mine alone, and that I am responsible for determining if the conditions are within my ability. Furthermore, I waive any right I might have, or will have in the future, to sue the sponsors or organizers of the Pinata Regatta. I understand that the race will be covered using general photographic, film, and/or digital video cameras and may be televised. By signing this entry, I release all rights or proprietary claims for the use of my image or voice to be photographed, videotaped or filmed for commercial or any other purposes. I authorize the unconditional use of my image or voice in any form while participating in this event.

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