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2018 European Championship
Segelföreningen I Björneborg r.f. (BSF)

August 20 - 25, 2018

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Segelföreningen I Björneborg r.f. (BSF) Authorized by the Finnish Sailing and Boating Association in Finland and Snipe Class International Racing Association in Finland in co-operation with the Snipe Class International Racing Association cordially invite you to attend the 2018 European Championship and Junior European Championship at Pori, Finland from 20-25 August, 2018.

This regatta is open to SCIRA registered boats and Class Member skippers (and crews for National and International Championships) who are in good standing with SCIRA for the current year, subject to any Deed of Gift restrictions.

No skipper or crew shall be eligible to enter any Class championship race unless:

  • They possess and present a current Class Membership Card, or
  • SCIRA-issued equivalent, or
  • Show as current member in the SCIRA Official Online Database.


Monday 20.08.2018    
OO Registration and Inspection
  10:00 - 20:00  
Tuesday 21.08.2018    
  Registration and Inspection   10:00 - 20:00  
  Opening Ceremony   19:00  
Wednesday 22.08.2018    
  Earliest time for the warning signal of the 1st race of the day   11:00  
Thursday 23.08.2018    
  Earliest time for the warning signal of the 1st race of the day   11:00  
Friday 24.08.2018     
  Earliest time for the warning signal of the 1st race of the day   11:00  
Saturday 25.08.2018    
  Earliest time for the warning signal of the 1st race of the day   11:00  
  Price Giving Dinner   19:00  

The entry fee for the European Championship is €300,00 and a reduced entry fee of €300,00 for the Junior Championship is due by July 1st 2018.  The late entry fee after July 1st 2018 is €400,00 and the late entry window will close August 1st 2018.  

All competitors are required to complete the Consent and Declaration Form and return it to

Event Fees
Skipper Information

Fields marked with a * are required unless stated otherwise.

Boat Information

Sailor Declarations:  I confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the sailor’s Entry Form. I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern this event. I understand that it is the sole responsibility of each skipper to decide whether to start or to continue in any race. I acknowledge that the organising authority, the sponsors and the race committee do not accept any liability for loss of life, or property, personal injury or damage to property caused by or arising from my participation in the regatta.

My crew has been made aware of this declaration.

During the event, the participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 500.000 € per incident or equivalent.

I confirm that I am competent to take part. 

I consent to my participating in drug testing procedures and, if asked, providing a urine sample under observation for analysis at an accredited laboratory.  I note that photographs may be taken during the event, both on and off the water, and I consent to these being published in Class publications and/or on the Class/Club website and those of any authorised photographers.

Privacy Notice:  BSF will store your personal data, including your regatta registration to this regatta, and use it for the designated purpose of this regatta only. BSF will not disclose your personal data and registration with third parties outside BSF, except with BSF's registration provider, Regatta Network Inc., SCIRA and disclosing your personal information for media purposes (see the clause for media rights). SCIRA and Regatta Network Inc. will store and manage the registration information in USA which is outside European Union. This collected registration information will be deleted 60 days after the event. Regatta results will be stored by BSF and Regatta Network, SCIRA after the event. 

If you agree, please indicate your acceptand below if you do not agree and choose to not participate in this regatta, please close this page.

I agree to the above:

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