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Opti Racing

June 25 - August 17, 2018

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Monday through Friday, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM This class allows experienced Opti sailors to build on previous experience and grow as sailors and racers. This class will focus on racing. This class will also prepare students to enter regattas over the course of the summer. Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible throughout the summer. Classes are not held on regatta days. Sailors MUST own their own Opti.

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In consideration of sailing and/or allowing my boat to sail in the Bass River Yacht Club Sailing School Program, I, the undersigned sailor, do hereby agree to abide by and be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing, as issued by the International Sailing Federation and the Prescriptions of US Sailing, except as specifically changed or exempted, and any amendments thereto. I also do hereby waive release and cancel any and all claims which I may or hereafter have against the Bass River Yacht Club, Inc. (“BRYC”) or the Bass River Sailing School, Inc. (“BRSS”), or US Sailing, their officers, trustees, members, employees, race administrators and any committee persons which do or does arise out of my participation or undertaking to participate in the event, except for acts which are not related to or necessary for this event. I will obtain and maintain appropriate liability insurance for damage or injury caused by my actions or negligence and I have read and understand Fundamental RRS 4 as to my being “… solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing.”


Parents are responsible for damage or loss which occurs to another boat while their child is steering a boat during BRYC and BRSS activities. Damages are to be reported immediately to the Instructors. The damage must be repaired to the reasonable satisfaction of the boat owner in a timely manner. Where doubt as to fault exists, the BRSS in consultation with the responsible BRSS instructors will review the incident to determine who is financially responsible for damage. We recommend that parents consult with their insurance agent and maintain up-to-date policies reflecting the use of boats by their own and other children. BRYC and BRSS Committee members have consulted with an insurance agent, and it is their understanding that the following generally applies:

1. Insurance for boats is usually available as a rider to a homeowner's policy.

2. Non-boat owners who are steering boats may be covered by their parent's Home Owner’s policy for personal liability and damage to another boat. Damage to the boat in which they are sailing, however, is not covered and must be borne by the child's parents.


1. No reprimand shall be made to any Instructor, nor shall any parent disrupt the course of the day's program. Complaints or suggestions should be made to the Sailing School Director, not to the Instructors! Parents are discouraged from calling Instructors at home.

2. Each parent is responsible for understanding the goals and rules of the BRYC and the BRSS program and fostering these in their children.

3. Parents are responsible for providing each sailor with the proper personal equipment necessary for sailing activities (see requirements for individual programs). Please make certain that all gear is clearly marked with your child's name. The program cannot assume responsibility for unmarked or improperly stored gear.

4. Any physical problems or disabilities which may inhibit the sailor in certain activities must be brought to the attention of the BRSS Director before the start of the season.

5. Parents are responsible for transporting sailors and boats to and from regattas. Instructors are not allowed to transport sailors and/or boats.

6. Parents are expected to be familiar with and to support the BRYC and BRSS rules and By-Laws for sailors and parents (see Log Book).

7. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their boats are maintained in safe operating condition. While the Instructors will have some spare parts and tools and will attempt to keep up with minor repairs, parents must are responsible for boat maintenance.

8. Use of the Club facilities and activities are limited to Club members and their guests.

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