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Application for the 2020 U.S. Team Racing Championship- NOTE: this is not Registration but Application for Invitation

May 4 - September 24, 2020

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IMPORTANT: Please follow the instructions below CAREFULLY so your TEAM information is COPIED CORRECTLY during the second phase of the registration process should your team be invited to participate.

The deadline for application has been extended to close on July 24, 2020. 
The form below establishes the team name and captain only. The captain will receive a confirmation email from Regatta Network when this has been processed successfully. This email will contain a link to return to this page if needed
INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEAM CAPTAINS: It is suggested that one person - the team captain - complete the entire registration process. If you are not the team captain, you will need to enter the team captain's information on the first page not your own
Collect and have on hand the following information about your team before proceeding with the application: 
- Captain's name, address, phone, email, DOB, US Sailing membership number for citizens or resident aliens. 
NOTE: US Sailing number must be current at time of application and throughout last day of racing. See to confirm membership status or to join or renew membership). If imembership will expire between the application and the championship, US Sailing's membership department will automatically add another year. So if your membership expires in August and you renew in June, it will expire the following August. 
- Team name and resume information (brief summary and top 5 most recent events since 1/1/2018). Team names must include a yacht club or sailing club name, or a regional or geographic identifier.
Enter each team members information in the correct order-
  • Start with the Team Captian (for TEAM A)
  • The crew information for the Team Captians (TEAM A) boat is entered second
  • HELM of Boat 2(TEAM B) followed by crew for that boat
  • HELM of Boat 3 (TEAM C)and crew for that boat

- For each team member: first name, last name and email, US Sailing Member ID, etc.  Team members must be current members of US Sailing, or their national authority if the team or team members are from another nationality.

After completing the entire form, the captain will then be directed to the payment form. Payment is accepted via credit card and the fee is $50.00 non-refundable. A confirmation email from Regatta Network will be sent when payment has been processed successfully. 
TO REVIEW- The Steps are:
i) Apply to form - the team application- this is done by the captain or his/her representative.

ii) Captain enters the remaining members names and e-mails in the following order SO the rest of the team members can add their emergency contact and other personal information:

Team A, crew.

Team B helm, crew

Team C helm, crew.

AFTER you have entered this information for each team member, HIT "E-mail Crew" and then proceed to the next person. 


iii) Each team member will receive an email with a link to complete their individual member information. Team members should not lose these links. The application will not be complete unless all team members complete the required information.

If you wish to upload a team resume, you may do so as a pdf. at the end of the application. Entitle it  TeamName_Resume. This is optional but preferred.

Event Fees
Skipper Information

Fields marked with a * are required unless stated otherwise.

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Click "Yes" and "Edit My Registration" to submit Team and Captain information. In the next form you will enter information about your other five team member and resume.

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