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2021 RS Aero South Florida Race Week
US Sailing Center of Martin County

January 30 - February 6, 2021

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All competitors must be current members of the RS Aero class.

US SAILING MEMBERSHIP is NOT required.  Regatta Network will use your US Sailing # to make registration a snap, but it is not required for this regatta.

The registration fee is $190 when paid by January 28, 2021. Registrations January 29-30, 2021 will be subject to a $50 late fee for a total entry fee of $240.  The Race Week registration fee includes three separate regattas and a one day racing clinic.  Please see Notice of Race for schedule and details.

CHARTERING A BOAT?   Please contact Marc Jacobi and secure your charter PRIOR to registering for this regatta as there are a limited number of charter boats available.  Contact Marc Jacobi, RS Aero NA Manager; 203.650.0239 mobile;


Upon Registration, I agree to the terms of this MEDICAL RELEASE: I hereby consent to the rendering of emergency first aid and other medical procedures that at the time of injury or illness seem reasonably advisable. I further understand that I will be responsible for payment of any such medical procedures. In consideration of the acceptance of my entry, I hereby agree to abide by all applicable rules and regulations and codes of the US SAILING CENTER OF MARTIN COUNTY (USSCMC) and/or the same as may be adopted by the USSCMC for this regatta.

Upon completion of this registration the participants automatically grant to the organizing authority without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event.

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In consideration of being allowed to utilize the sailboats, kayaks or other wind or manually propelled watercraft, and other equipment, dock, site, building, and facilities (Amenities) of the United States Sailing Center of Martin County, Inc., also known as US Sailing Center*Martin County (hereinafter referred to as “Sailing Center”), and/or to participate in the Sailing Center programs, regattas, clinics, camps and activities (Programs), the undersigned, on behalf of himself/herself and his/her minor child(ren) who utilize the Amenities and/or participate in the Programs, acknowledges and agree as follows:

1. To abide by the rules and regulations of the Sailing Center, including any COVID-19 related safety measures, and be respectful of the Amenities of the Sailing Center, treat them with care, and bring to the attention of the Sailing Center staff any damage or irregularities which are observed or occur during use. 

2. To return all Sailing Center watercraft and equipment after use in the same condition as when taken out, ordinary wear and tear excepted and to clean, secure, and stow the watercraft, sails, and equipment as directed.

3. To be financially responsible for damage caused to the Amenities by the undersigned, or his/her child(ren) and to reimburse the Sailing Center for any loss related thereto.

4. To not use any motorboats of the Sailing Center unless specifically authorized by Sailing Center staff on an occasion by occasion basis, and to otherwise be respectful to staff and follow their directions.

5. The undersigned understands that the sport of sailing, sailboat racing, and boating, in general, involves risk. Injuries, illnesses, and diseases (including communicable diseases such as COVID-19) may occur. The undersigned agrees to take all reasonable precautions to minimize such risks, and inspect boats, watercraft, and equipment before use and not use any which appear unsafe. He/she agrees to operate all boats and watercraft in a safe and responsible manner, to wear a personal flotation device (PFD), to have his/her child(ren) wear PFD’s at all times while onboard boats and watercraft, and to ensure that any persons onboard a watercraft of which he/she is in control shall wear a PFD. He/she further agrees to wear non-slip protective footwear while on the Sailing Center grounds and while onboard a boat or other watercraft and to ensure his/her child(ren) and guests do likewise. If using their own boat or watercraft, the undersigned represents that such boat or watercraft is in safe and seaworthy condition and if racing that it complies with its respective class rules. 

6. The undersigned assumes all risks of use of the Amenities and participating in Programs, whether utilizing boats or watercraft of the Sailing Center or their own boat or watercraft, and waives any claim against the Sailing Center, its officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers or members in the event of damage to their own boat or watercraft, or injury or death to the undersigned or his/her child(ren). In the event 911, medical or other responders are called to assist due to injury, all fees related to such services and hospital/medical care will be the responsibility of the person receiving the services or his/her parent(s)/guardian if a minor child.

7. The undersigned hereby releases the Sailing Center, its officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers, and members from all liability to the undersigned and his/her child(ren) related to the utilization of Amenities or participation in Programs by the undersigned or his/her child(ren).    

8. Special note regarding COVID-19. Risks under this Agreement include the potential for exposure to COVID-19, an extremely contagious virus that spreads from person-to-person contact. The Organization has taken preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, attending or participating in an event could increase your risk of contracting COVID-19 which may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death.   

9. Registration, attendance at or participation in sailing regattas, lessons, clinics, summer camps, fundraising or social events, and membership or other activities of the US Sailing Center * Martin County whether on the premises of the Sailing Center, on the water, or at other locations, constitutes agreement to the use and distribution of the registrant’s, attendee’s or participant’s image in photographs, video, and electronic media and the image of his/her registered, attending or participating minor children by the Sailing Center for educational and promotional purposes.

10. Participants are responsible for ensuring they have watercraft liability coverage for their privately owned vessel during an event or regatta at a minimum amount of ($1,000,000.00) per claim and an aggregate amount of ($2,000,000.00).

11. I or my child(ren) have a physical impairment(s) or medical condition(s) that the staff should know about and that may need accommodation. I have listed those in the medical section of this registration form.

I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to the foregoing and that I and my participating minor child(ren) and our heirs and estates are bound thereby.

I agree to the above:

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