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HS Race Team-Fall-Winter Program
Stockton Sailing Club

August 14 - March 12, 2022

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High School Race Team Fall-Winter Training

Winter 2021-22 High School Racing program (August - March)

Coach: Jackson Faylor


  • $550 per sailor 

  • Sailors will pay for regatta registration separately (roughly $50 per regattas)


  • Registration Deadline Midnight on Friday August 6th

  • Four Regattas TBA

  • Practices Start Saturday August 14th

  • Practices Saturdays from 10:00 - 2:00

  • There will be no practice over winter break.

  • Practice Dates (all are Saturdays from 10-2)

    • 8/14/21

    • 8/21/21

    • 8/28/28

    • 9/4/21

    • 9/11/21

    • 9/18/21

    • 9/25/21

    • 10/2/21

    • 10/9/21

    • 10/16/21

    • 10/23/21

    • 10/30/21

    • 11/6/21

    • 11/13/21

    • 11/20/21

    • 11/27/21

    • 12/4/21

    • 12/11/21

    • 1/8/22

    • 1/15/22

    • 1/22/22

    • 1/29/22

    • 2/5/22

    • 2/12/22

    • 2/19/22

    • 2/26/22

    • 3/5/22

    • 3/12/22

  • Four of the above practice dates will become regattas once the schedule is announced.



  • Regatta details will be provided once they are announced by the BAYS committee. 

  • Sailors will register and pay for regattas separately from the program.

  • Sailors will also have to arrange for transportation.

  • I will work with parents to coordinate towing.


  •   Sailors must come fed and dressed for sailing. 

  •  Time will not be given to change once practice starts.

  •   Sailors must bring their own water.

  •   Sailors should bring a small snack to eat on the water (i.e. a cliff bar).

  •  Proper sun protection is highly recommended.


Covid Guidelines:

  • Non-vaccinated sailors must be masked when indoors.

  • When on land sailors will attempt to remain distanced when possible. 

  • Will be staying as close as possible to the CA and CDC Covid guidelines moving forward and will adjust accordingly.

  • I will make it very clear when guidelines change.

  • Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in warnings and potential removal from the program.



  • Sailors are required to carry a rigging knife for their own safety and to aid in on the water repairs. I understand that this sounds unnecessary but if a sailor were to be tangled in lines and trapped under a boat, this knife is the difference between life and death. Purchase of a rigging knife will be facilitated with registration and the rigging knives will be given to sailors at the first practice. 

  • There will be strict rules regarding the knives, they will only be allowed to be out when being used for rigging/repairs or in emergencies.

  • Sailors are responsible for knowing how to rig and tie knots, I understand that for some it has either been a while or they are new to the boats. Thus, a list of knots that sailors should be proficient in is below. Sailors will be required to pass a proficiency test demonstrating that they have mastered these knots at the first practice.

  • Sailors must show proficiency in these knots at the first practice:

o   Figure Eight Knot

o   Square Knot

o   Double Half Hitch

o   Bowline

  • I will teach two additional knots at the first practice:

o   Sheet-Bend

o   Clove-Hitch


  • Teams will be assigned boats for the entirety of the program. These boats are the responsibility of the teams. If there are any small issues teams are expected to fix them during rigging/derigging. I will be available to assist.

  • For any issues that cannot be fixed by teams during rigging/derigging, write the issue on the white board on the FJ room as well as the boat number. Depending on the nature of the work, the team may be contacted to assist with repairs on another date. 

  • The program will cover costs for any incidental damages.

  • If a boat is damaged because of someone messing around, being lazy, not paying attention, or any other similar actions (e.g., improper docking), they may be held liable for the damages.



  • Sailors are expected and required to be well behaved.

  • There will be no swearing, bullying, back talking, or any other similar behaviors.

  • Behavior issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis and could potentially result in removal from the program if necessary.


Cost is the same as the previous winter series cost of $550 per sailor; this does not include the price for regattas. Skippers will register their own boats for each regatta and split the cost with their crew. Generally, regattas run around $50 per sailor and include food at regattas. This pricing is set by the clubs hosting the regattas, I have no influence on it.


If anyone has any conflicts with dates, please let me know as soon as possible. If a date doesn’t work for multiple sailors, I will attempt to move it to a day that works for everyone but no guarantees since schedules can be very difficult to work around.


I can be contacted at (209) 481-1245

Please only contact me regarding scheduling, gear, and other similarly small issues. 

For any larger concerns please reach out to the Juniors Committee where we will discuss and address these issues. 


I have designed this program based on my experiences coaching and racing as well as the guidelines set by my US Sailing instructing certification. My top priority during practices and regattas is safety and I have been trained to provide and maintain a safe learning environment.

Enrollment limited to current or prospective HS Race team members

You must be a 2021 Active Junior Member 
to participate in this event

(Junior memberships are for persons who want to participate in the SSC Active Junior program and already know how to sail (this is not a learn to sail program). This membership category is available to anyone between the ages of 8 and 21 whether or not the individual is a dependent of a Family Member.)


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Event Information

If under 18 years old a Parent/Guardian must agree to the following Waiver of Liability Agreement STOCKTON SAILING CLUB ACTIVE JUNIOR PROGRAM CONTRACT, INDEMNIFICATION, RELEASE AND WAIVER The Stockton Sailing Club (SSC) Active Junior program includes physically and emotionally demanding activities. SSC wants to make sure you understand the risk of injury before you decide to participate. It is required that you read the following Legal Document, very carefully, make sure you understand it, fill in all the spaces, and sign it before you, or your child begin our program. No person or child will be allowed to participate without the properly filled out waiver and medical release forms. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING BELOW. THIS AGREEMENT INCLUDES A RELEASE OF CLAIMS. I am aware in signing this statement for participation in the SSC Active Junior Program that certain elements are physically and emotionally demanding. This program may include swimming, paddling,crawling, jumping, climbing, and other rigorous activities on the water or on the land. My child will be working with SSC and with others in their group. It is possible that he/she may be injured while participating in the Active Junior program either because of their own conduct, conduct of others in the group, conduct of SSC, or the condition of the premises. Therefore, I voluntarily elect to allow my child to participate and I affirm that he/she is free of health conditions that might create undue risk to my child or others that depend on them. My child is not under a physician’s care for any undisclosed condition that bears upon his/her fitness to participate. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Stockton Sailing Club Active Junior Program, their agents and employees from all claims, damages, losses, injuries and expenses arising out of or resulting from participation in the youth programs. I further agree to release, acquit and covenant not to sue the Stockton Sailing Club, for all actions, causes of action claims or damages including but not limited to, claims of negligence by SSC Active Junior Program or 3rd party, damages in law or remedies in equity of whatever kind. I agree to the site of any lawsuit and the law governing any such lawsuit shall be California and governed by California law. As liquidated damages, I hereby agree that if the Stockton Sailing Club is forced to defend any action, lawsuit or litigation by myself, my executors, my heirs or on my families behalf, my heirs or executors and I agree to pay the Stockton Sailing Club costs and attorney fees if they successfully defend such action, lawsuit or litigation. In signing this document for my minor child I agree to pay any and all costs and attorney fees incurred by the Stockton Sailing Club in the event that the Stockton Sailing Club is forced to defend any action, lawsuit, or litigation brought by my minor child. The terms of this agreement shall continue and be in effect after the Active Junior program is over. Should any paragraph or part of this agreement be declared unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction the remaining paragraphs or parts shall remain in full force and effect. 

I authorize and release to the Stockton Sailing Club permission to use for any purpose of any photographic or video recorded image of the participant listed.

I have adequate health, disability and life insurance for myself, and my family. I hereby give permission for transportation to any medical facility or hospital, and I authorize for any qualified instructor or medical personnel to render necessary emergency medical care for the participant listed. In addition to the above if for any reason my child or I are injured I give Stockton Sailing Club personnel permission to seek treatment for my, or my child's, personal well-being. I have signed this document of my own free will. I do hereby authorize the performance of medical examinations and necessary treatments (including test, x-rays, drugs, etc...) as may be deemed advisable or necessary by the physician in attendance. This consent shall be in effect for the period of time that my child participates in Stockton Sailing Club Active Junior activities. If an emergency arises requiring a major medical procedure, the program director will attempt to reach me or a contact from the provided emergency contact list and to be guided by my wishes; however if I cannot be reached, I authorize the attending physician to act as medical judgment may dictate. 

I understand that as a Stockton Sailing Club Junior member and participant in the Junior Sailing Program I am a representative of the Stockton Sailing Club, and as such, acknowledge that I am responsible for conducting myself in a manner that promotes good sportsmanship and which will not discredit the Stockton Sailing Club, others or myself. 

I agree to adhere to all written or verbal instructions of all Stockton Sailing Club officers, directors, agents, employees, coaches and volunteers. 

I understand that failure to comply with the rules of the Stockton Sailing Club and Junior Program may result in disciplinary action that may include but not be limited to suspension from the Junior Sailing Program and/or suspension or revocation of Junior membership status. 

When participating in the SSC Junior Sailing Program, I agree not to engage in the consumption or use of any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. 

I shall not place persons or property in jeopardy by irresponsible or unapproved actions. I understand that these actions, or any use of the substances identified above is grounds for suspension from the SSC Junior Sailing Program and/or suspension or revocation of SSC Junior membership status. 

I shall conduct myself in a safe, respectful, and courteous manner at all times when participating in the SSC Junior Sailing Program. This includes social events, team practices, and regattas. 

I shall comply with recognized principles of sportsmanship and fair play. 

I shall wear a personal flotation device and appropriate clothing when on the water. 

I shall be respectful and courteous at all times to others, including but not limited to my team members, other competitors, race officials, coaches, and parents. 

I shall refrain from using profanity or discriminatory language.

I agree to the above:

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