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INVITATION: SYSCO extends an invitation to all sailboat skippers of level or one-design fleets to compete in this series on the Columbia River. DESCRIPTION: This is a five-evening series consisting of one or more races each night. DATES AND TIMES: First warning signal 1830 for all races. Additional races may begin shortly after all boats in an individual class have finished. The starting sequence for finished fleets may begin in any order. Tuesdays: April 19, 26, May 3, 17, and 24. Level Fleets A, B, C, D, E, F, I; and Martin, Merit, and J/105 One-design Fleets.

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  • May 19, 2016 13:24 EST

    The hearing will begin shortly after conclusion of the RCYC Medium Distance Race at the RCYC Clubhouse. Craig Daniels will chair the hearing. Protest as received: Notification Did you notify the Race Committee of your intent to file a protest immediately after finishing and before leaving the racing area? By hail Organizing Authority SYSCO Date 05/17/2016 Race no. 4 Type of Hearing Protest by boat against boat Boat Protesting, or Requesting Redress or Reopening Class martin 24 Sail no. 59606 Boat name Nelly Represented by David Paul Boat(s) Protested or Being Considered for Redress Boat List Class Sail no. Boat name martin 24 79088 .Skookum Too Incident Time and place of incident first weather mark, buoy two, Rule(s) alleged to have been broken Rule 10 opposite tack; Rule14 avoiding contact Witness(es) our boat, none others known Informing Protestee By hailing. When? immediately and politely Word(s) used george, we are starboard, you can't do that By displaying a red flag. When? immediately. i keep it on the backstay By informing her in some other way. Give details. asked her to do turns. she did not respond Description of Incident Description Nelly rounded ahead of all boats in our start (Moore 24 and Martin 24s). Skookum was last. we rounded and bore off on starboard. heading toward Mt. Hood, up current. Skookum approached the mark on a wild not close hauled port tack as if they overstood. We hailed . to avoid contact w/ the midsection of the port side of skookum i had to alter course , turn to starboard and take her stern. the tactical course would have been to head deep downwind. i had to reach up instead. this cost me ground on the competition. no question i hailed and no question i flew a red flag. ...

  • Apr 25, 2016 23:16 EST

    Class Moore24 Race # 1 Filing # 1 FACTS FOUND --"95" is a Moore 24 sailing in the Moore 24 sub-class of fleet #3 --The RC designated the course Start-1-3-Finish for fleet #3 --"95" sailed the course designated by the RC and finished --The RC did not record the finish of "95" --"95" finished after "47" and was the only other boat to finish in the Moore 24 sub-class --The time limit for "95" and "47" was 2 hours or 30 minutes after the first boat in her class (OCSA 14.1) --"47" finished within the time limit at 1 hour 46 minutes from her start; "95" was therefore required to finish within 2 hours 16 minutes of her start --"95" finished 10 minutes after "47" CONCLUSIONS AND RULES THAT APPLY RRS 28.1, 90.3 DECISION Redress given as follows : "95" to be scored as finished at 20:41:00 Protest committee chairman and other members Eric Rimkus & Craig Daniels Date and time 4/25/16 @ 1901 ...

  • Jan 12, 2016 17:50

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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