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Whitebread 23 will be a handicapped distance race circumnavigating Shelter Island around government marks.  The Race Committee will manage the division splits with the goal of improving competition at all levels. There will be awards for each division and for performance overall.

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  • Oct 19, 2016 16:55 EST

    Here is a link to R.J. Bella's collection of Whitebread 23 Photos. There will not be any dramatic pictures of wipeouts this year, but check it out. ...

  • Oct 11, 2016 10:17 EST

    The award to the best performing yacht is made to the yacht having the best average corrected speed.  This year the award goes to Firefly skippered by Meredith Carroll. Peter Carroll, Lindsay Carroll, and Seth Cooley crewed on Firefly

    CLICK HERE to view the average corrected speeds of all competitors. ...

  • Oct 08, 2016 17:53 EST

    The signal boat docked at 17:50. Greg Cukor, PRO ...

  • Oct 06, 2016 11:31 EST

    Race Teams | Results

    The entry form for the OCYC Team Race Trophy can be found on the Whitebread 23 page on the PBSA Web Site.  Three boats from two or more divisions will constitute a team. Teams may represent a Yacht Club or Sailing Association. Teams will be scored by using the combined corrected racing time of each team member. The low combined racing time wins. The winning boats will receive individual prizes and the wining team name will be inscribed on a perpetual trophy. Yachts wishing to compete for this trophy must submit the Old Cove Yacht Club Team Race Trophy application to the Race Committee at the Skipper’s meeting, no later than 2030 hours. An application will be available for download at the PBSA website and will be mailed or emailed to applicants upon request by contacting Whitebread Central at (631) 606-6135 or admin@pbsa.us.


    Old Cove Yacht Club Robert A Norton Memorial Trophy

    The Robert A. Norton Memorial Trophy has been awarded to Junior Sailors for long distance racing since 1948. This year the trophy will be awarded to Junior Sailors for the best performance in the Peconic Bay Sailing Associations’ Whitebread Race. This will be awarded to the yacht club that enters a monohull with the best subdivision finishing place that has been sailed by an all junior crew. The Trophy will remain in the possession of Old Cove Yacht Club. A keeper cup will be awarded. A complete list of requirements/conditions and an application will be available for download at the PBSA website and will be mailed or emailed to applicants upon request by contacting Whitebread Central at (631) 606-6135 or admin@pbsa.us


  • Oct 06, 2016 10:52 EST

    Amendment to Paragraph 9.1

    Paragraph 9.1 now says: "The starting line will be located between a Race Committee Signal vessel and R18 in Little Peconic Bay."

    The reason for the change is to notify you that the Signal Boat will not be located at the leeward end of the starting line.

    Please also note that paragraph 9.2 allows the race committee to move the starting line away from R18 and establish a staring line between the Signal Boat an inflatable drop mark.



  • Jun 25, 2016 17:09 EST

    Click here to order gear and party tickets

    • Last day to order gear is September 23rd
    • Party Tickets ordered before September 30 are $25.00 each
    • Party Tickets ordered after Sepetmber 30 are $40.00 each


    September 9 (2400)

    $100.00 early bird entry ends. Entries after midnight will incur a $50.00 late fee.

    September 23 (2400)

    Last day to order gear

    September 30 (2400)

    Late entry deadline.  Changes between divisions will not be accepted.

    October 2 (2400)

    Entries of boats without ratings will be cancelled and entry fees refunded.


  • Jun 06, 2016 15:57

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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