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INVITATION: Fort Worth Boat Club cordially invites you to attend the FWBC 2017 Annual Regatta to be held on Eagle Mountain Lake April 21st - 23rd 2017. Racing will be on Saturday and Sunday, April 22nd & 23rd. Make plans to attend the PARTY on Saturday night! The Fort Worth Boat Club is the host club. Fort Worth Boat Club is a private yacht club, located on Eagle Mountain Lake at 10000 Boat Club Road, Fort Worth, TX 76179. Location and directions can be found on our club website as well as information about our club and facilities that are available to the competitors. Please note that pets as well as fireworks are not allowed on club property. Registration can be completed online at Regatta Network, or by mail.
Course 1: - J/24, J/22 & J/70
PRO: - Bob Gough
Course 2: - J/105, Spin 1, 2 & 3, Aux 1, 2 & 3
PRO: - Chet Klyn
Chief Judge: - Mark S Smith

RULES: The regattas shall be governed by the rules as defined in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing, the Notice of Circuit and class rules of the applicable one-design classes, and the official Sailing Instructions.

CLASSES: The regatta is open. One-design classes may be declared for fleets with four or more boats. Probable classes include J/105, J/80, J70, J/24, J/22, Catalina 22, Santana 35, FJ’s, 420’s, VX One, Laser, Sunfish and Optimist. A Cruising Fun Fleet may be formed for novices and boats interested in casual racing. Boats not sailing in one-design classes will be scored using FWBC PHRF time-on-distance allowances.

ENTRY: Registration can be completed online at Regatta Network, or by mail by completing and signing the attached form and mail it with the required fee to Fort Worth Boat Club. Unsigned registration forms can result in a boat not being scored. The deadline for 2017 Annual Regatta registration is Saturday, April 22nd at 9:15 AM, at which time fleet divisions will be made. ENTRY FEE: Early Registration, Keel boats: $85.00, Centerboard Boats: $55.00 for all boats registered by April 12th. Late registration fee is an additional $10.00.

TABC REGULATIONS: The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires that no alcoholic beverages be brought in or taken out of the area prominently marked with TABC signs.

TROPHIES: – Trophies will be awarded according to the number of boats in a class, determined by the regatta committee.

NUMBER OF RACES: – Every attempt will be made to conduct at least six races. Should weather or safety prevent this, the Regatta may consist of not less than one race. There will be one throw-out for six races completed and no throw-outs for less than six.
Meals & T Shirts: - Please use the Regatt Network Store Front to order T-Shirts, Saturday Box Lunch, Saturday Mexican Buffet Dinner and Sunday Lunch Buffet.

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News & Notices

  • Apr 03, 2017 18:02 EST

    Two of our sponsors this year are Annapolis Performance Sailing and Vela Sailing Supply. Were are selling raffle ticket through the store front and at regatta for the gift certificates they have provided. APS has provided one $25, one $15 and three $10 certificates. Vela has provided five $30 certificates. We are working on more items for the raffle so please keep checking the store front. ...

  • Mar 29, 2017 13:24 EST

    Thank you to all of those who have registered early so far, it's a big help! T Shirts!! We are getting together the T shirts for the regatta. There may have been some confusion when you registered. T Shirts do not come with your registration. The T Shirt are a light tech long sleeve and short sleeve cotton. They can bee seen in the Store Front for this event. Please if you want shirts, go to the Store Front and purchase them there so we can get a count as to how many we need to order, as well as tickets for Saturday's box lunches and Mexican dinner buffet, and Sundays lunch on the patio for awards. Thanks!! ...

  • Mar 28, 2017 18:50 EST

    J105 Class Rules Amendment The J105 class will sail the 2017 Annual Regatta under the FWBC J/105 Fleet Rules for major regattas allowing up to 7 sailors plus a Club Junior sailor with no weight restriction. ...

  • Mar 24, 2017 19:43 EST

    From: Christopher Hammel To: Tonja (Sanchez) Holmes-Moon Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2017 10:23 AM Subject: Planned Crew Absence Tonja, One of the standard crew on Sforzando (Bow 10, Sail 3894) has a commitment in Austin on Sunday, April 23rd that was scheduled and paid for a year ago. We would like to sail with our full standard crew on Saturday, April 22, and either have a substitute 5th or sail with 4 on Sunday, April 23rd. Thank you for your consideration. Christopher Hammel Chris, Your crew substitution is approved. If you are able to replace with a 5th person, please be sure the replacement is at or near the same weight and that your weight does not go over 882. Your replacement crew should weigh in prior to racing on Friday or Saturday. I have copied Jason Dyer as regatta chairman, and Mark Smith and Bryan Dyer as Texas Circuit representatives. Jason, please post this on the notice board. Thanks! "It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better." Tonja E. (Sanchez) Holmes-Moon J/24 Texas Circuit Representative / J/24 District 14 Governor & Class Measurer 940.808.6477 sailboats4sanity@yahoo.com tonja.sanchez@yahoo.com ...

  • Nov 15, 2016 20:04

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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