Wickford Regatta 2019 : Wickford Yacht Club

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June 8 - 9, 2019

Wickford Yacht Club
North Kingstown, RI

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  • Jun 06, 2019 10:51 EST

    Appendix C – 505 Gate Start Procedure C1 Races will be started using RRS 26 with the warning signal made 5 minutes before the starting signal from the Race Committee Boat. C1.1 A starboard limit mark will be set slightly to windward and to the port side of the signal boat. All boats shall either be to the left of the starboard limit mark or pass the starboard limit mark to starboard after the pathfinder passes the port limit mark. No boats may pass to windward of the starboard limit mark on port tack before starting. The starboard limit mark replaces the time limit that the gate is open. C2 The starting line (except for the Pathfinder) shall be between the Port Limit Mark and the center of the stern of the Pathfinder. C2.1 The Port Limit Mark will be the pin end of the starting line as described in SI9.2, or if a pin boat is used for other starts, the Port Limit Mark will be set a short distance upwind of the pin boat. C3 The Pathfinder for the first race sailed will be appointed by the Race Committee. The Pathfinder for subsequent races will be the boat that finished 4th in the preceding race. When this boat is unable to race or has acted as Pathfinder previously, the Pathfinder will be appointed by the race committee and will normally be the boat that finished 5th in the preceding race. C3.1 The national letters and sail number of the Pathfinder will be posted on the official notice board for the first scheduled race of the day, and on the Race Committee Boat for any subsequent races that day. C3.2 Prior to the preparatory signal the Pathfinder shall report to the Race Committee Boat. C4 Approximately 5 seconds prior to the starting signal the Pathfinder shall round the Port Limit Mark (leaving it to port) and begin a close-hauled port tack. C5 The gate is considered open when the Pathfinder clears the Port Limit Mark. C5.1 A boat starts when, having been entirely on the pre-start side of the starting line before the gate opens, any part of her hull, crew or equipment crosses the starting line in the direction of the first mark. This changes the definition in the RRS. C6 All boats (except for the Pathfinder) shall start on starboard tack after the Pathfinder clears the Port Limit Mark. RRS 29.2, Individual Recall, shall not apply. C7 The Pathfinder shall sail its close-hauled port tack course until it passes the starboard limit mark to starboard or until the last boat crosses the starting line, after which it ceases to be a starting mark and may continue its course or tack onto starboard tack. C8 The gate is closed once all competitors have started. Thereafter no boat shall start. C9 Before starting, a boat shall not interfere with the Pathfinder. Any boat that interferes with, or that causes another boat to interfere, or that is on the port side of the Pathfinder as it opens the gate, shall retire from that race and shall be ineligible for any restarts of that race unless the infringing boat can satisfy the Race Committee that its actions were caused either by another boat not having right of way or by some other unavoidable circumstance. This changes RRS 36. Note that making contact without impeding progress is not considered interference and hence an infringing boat is not disqualified. ...

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