NOYC/LPWSA Wednesday Night Race Series #3 : New Orleans Yacht Club

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Welcome to the LPWSA/NOYC 2020 3rd Wednesday Night Race Series sponsored by Sala and presented by Sails for Sustenance. The fleet winner will receive a bottle of Barbancourt Rum (5 star 8 year old). Only one bottle awarded per sailing program. If you were a previous winner, the prize will go to the next winner in fleet. By tradition, this series Race Committee is staffed by Team Zephyr. This race series will be a traditional start. There will be two starts, Spinnaker 7:00 PM c and Non-Spinnaker 7:05 PM c.

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  • Aug 12, 2020 01:13 EST


    The race start format will be traditional. Spinnaker fleet will start at 7:00:00 PM CT, Non-spinnaker will start at 7:05 PM CT. The course will be posted on back of NOYC II and via Twitter @NOYC, Instagram and Facebook Social Media venues.

    ON THE WATER HAILING - VHF 69 General Sailing Instructions are available online via

    SI Amendment 8/12/2020 12:36 AM 

    TIME LIMIT - (Changes Rule 35, A4) All competitors with a finish time after 8:30 PM CT shall report GPS time to David Erwin via or text to 504-296-7140.

    SAFETY REGULATIONS - (Changes Rule 40, Flag Y)

    1. Life jackets of USCG-approved design shall be worn by the crews of all single-handed and trapeze boats at all times while racing. On all other boats it is the responsibility of the skipper and crew to determine when life jackets will be worn. The meaning of Race Signal Y is changed to, “Comply with RRS 1.2”.

    2. All classes of PHRF boats and any other classes as designated must carry a VHF radio and monitor channel 69.

    3. If the race starts or finishes after dark, including all Wednesday night races, all boats shall have working running lights. Boats 7 meters or less in length shall have the running lights required for boats of 8 meters. Boats not otherwise required to have a VHF, must have a working VHF.

    4. A boat withdrawing must notify the race committee as soon as possible, and if unable to contact the race committee then must inform the bar or club management. A boat failing to do so will be scored DSQ.

    5. Please follow all CDC and local safety guidelines.

    SI Amendment 9/11/2020 10:00 AM

    1.Use of navigational running lights is mandatory for all competing vessels after sunset. Boats who do not comply shall be notified either by a competitor, or the RC. This gives the competitor opportunity (at the time, on the water) to correct navigational lighting by replacing batteries or installing a backup light. If the competitor does not repair lights, a protest can be pursued. The Race Committee has the right to score DSQ without a formal protest hearing.

    2. All boats are required to have a working VHF. 

    Team Zephyr


  • Aug 09, 2020 22:20

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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