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The Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon extends an invitation to all boats to compete in this special regatta between the I-5 and I-205 Bridges. DESCRIPTION: This is a single medium-distance race event, with a pursuit start based on handicapped ratings, with each boat required to complete a simulated crew overboard drill on each of the first and second legs of the course. COURSE: The start line will be between Buoy 14 and the committee boat, which will be anchored south of Buoy 14 near the RCYC docks. The course and finish line will be determined by the race committee the day of the race and announced on VHF 72 before the start sequence. The course commonly includes navigational buoys 2, 14 and 18. Race committee will monitor VHF 72. ELIGIBILITY AND INSTRUCTIONS: All entrants must be current OCSA members. Races shall be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, OCSA General Sailing Instructions and Courses and supplemental sailing instructions posted on the OCSA Event Notice Board. Specific courses, start times for individual boats, and any supplemental instructions will be posted on the OCSA Event Notice Board prior to the race.

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  • Feb 03, 2021 16:40 EST

    SYSCO COVID-19 Special Regulations:

    Race only if you can do so safely per current COVID guidance (https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/le2342E.pdf). 
Boats should retain a copy of the current guidance onboard.  Limiting crew to 2 households/COVID Pods also recommended.

    Amendment No. 1 to Sailing Instructions. 
    These Special Regulations shall apply to boats that are sailing in or near the racing area and intend to race, are racing, or have been racing.

    1.)   Competitors and support persons shall comply with any reasonable request from an event official.  Failure to comply may be misconduct.
    2.)   Reasonable actions by event officials to implement COVID-19 guidance, protocols or legislation, even if they later prove to have been unnecessary, are not improper actions or omissions.
    3.)   Rule 40.1 shall apply. Rule 40.1 states, “ … each competitor shall wear a personal flotation device except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment. Wet suits and dry suits are not personal flotation devices.”
    4.)   Each competitor shall wear a face covering or mask suitable for the reduction in transmission of COVID-19.
    5.)   The following competitor limits shall apply:

    LOA                                                          Maximum Competitors
    20 feet and less                                                      2
    Greater than 21 feet to less than or equal to 27’        3
    Greater than 27’ to less than or equal to 33’              4
    Greater than 33’                                                      5

    6.)   The Race Committee will score a boat that violates numbers 1, 3, 4, or 5 of this amendment as DSQ, without a hearing.
    7.)   Oral changes to the Sailing Instructions may be given on the water per RRS 90.2(c).
        .1)   Changes will be communicated to each boat before her warning signal.
        .2)   To make a change to the Sailing Instructions on the water, the race committee will hail on VHF channel 72.
    8.)   Competitors shall monitor channel 72 for oral instructions from the race committee.
    9.)   The race committee may communicate courses orally by radio alone. This changes SI 8.
    10.)  Rule 26 is changed as follows: Add, “In the absence of visual signals, times shall be taken from the oral signals; the absence of a visual signal shall be disregarded.”
        .1)  The Warning, Preparatory, One Minute and Starting Signals of the race may be provided orally.
        .2)  Oral signals will comply with the timing of signals per RRS 26.
    11.)  The race committee may use VHF radio to communicate visual signals including Postponement, Abandonment, Safety, Preparatory, Recall, Shortened Course and Other Signals or other information during the race. Failure to hear the broadcast shall not be grounds for redress.  This changes Race Signals & RRS 62.1(a).
    12.)  Repeated breaches of these regulations by a competitor will be considered misconduct.

  • Jan 04, 2021 13:46

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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