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2023 Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club A-Class Catamaran Cal Fuller Invitational Regatta and

 the “BBR” Series


September 29th, 30th and October 1st, 2023


The Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club cordially invites you to come where it all started and participate in the 2023 Cal Fuller Invitational A-Class Regatta. .A-Cat racing at one of the oldest sweet water Yacht Clubs in the US.



As a special bonus this year we are hosting racing on Friday September 29th as part of the annual “BBR”.  Many of you have wanted to join in on this special event but could not make the trip back to the lake several weeks after the LHYC Regatta, so we have moved it up to be the first day of racing of the weekend. This is always a fun afternoon of racing and is the perfect way to get warmed up for the main event.

  1. 1.     ORGANIZING AUTHORITY: Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club (


Regatta Chairman:   Mark Skeels/Peter Hefele

Fleet Captain                 Michael Gruber


  1. 2.     VENUE: The regatta will be sailed in the waters of Lake Hopatcong, from the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club on Bertrand’s Island, Mt Arlington, New Jersey.


3.     SCHEDULE:

Friday, September 30th

8:00am                            Setup and launching

1:00pm-4:00pm             Racing for the BBR trophy

6:00pm until ?

Welcome Party -BBR Dinner hosted at the 19th hole of Bernd and Kayia Hefele home


Saturday, September 31st

8:00am Coffee, Donuts, Bagels on the LHYC Porch

8:30-10:00am                 Onsite Registration 9:30am                Skippers Meeting

11:00am                 First Race

4:00pm                   LHYC Bar opens to competitors & guests,

5:30pm                   Dinner at LHYC


Sunday, October 1st

8:00am Coffee, Donuts, Bagels on the LHYC Porch

9:00am                          Skippers Meeting (if needed)

10:00am                 First Race…no lunch break

2:00pm                 No race will be started after 2:00pm

After racing          Grill Opens and free Beer

After racing                            Awards Ceremony

  1. 3.     COURSE AREA: In front of Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club, in sight of and within an easy sail from the club with the start in most cases generally within 1/2 mile of the club. Courses will either be run using permanent and/or temporary marks

Depending on the circumstances. The A-Cat course will typically be Windward, Leeward, 2 laps, and downwind finish. Courses are set at the discretion of the Race Committee. If necessary, an offset mark will be placed a short distance from the windward mark, in order to separate boats sailing upwind from boats sailing downwind.                                                     Windward mark will be a yellow cylinder with a short orange offset. Leeward Gate Marks will be Orange cylinders.


RULES (Please read rules carefully as they are different for the BBR vs the LHYC regatta)


  1. 4.     (LHYC Regatta): The regatta shall be governed by the Current Racing rules of Sailing (RRS), the rules of the IACA, the IACA Championship Rules, this notice of race (except as any of these are changed by

the sailing instructions below), and the sailing instructions changed at the skippers meeting.

The start

·   A series of short horns will be made 1 minute prior to the warning sound.

No flag will be used.

·   Warning signal, with a sound signal, is made five (5) minutes before the start, using Class Flag.

·   Preparatory signal, with a sound signal, is made four (4) minutes before the start (One minute after warning)

·   The preparatory signal, will be lowered one minute before the start with a sound signal

·   At the start, the class flag is lowered, with a sound signal

·   Times shall be taken from the visual signals and the failure of a  sound signal  shall be disregarded

·   Any changes to the starting or other signals will be announced at the skippers meeting.

Individual Recalls:

Will be signaled by one signal and display of code flag “X” (Blue cross on white field), which will be lowered after all  recalled  boats  have  started  again.  The  race committee will attempt to call the sail numbers of boats which are over early, but it is the sole responsibility of competitors to start correctly.

General Recalls:

Will be signaled by two sound signals (After the starting signal) and hoisting of “First Substitute “(Yellow triangle within blue triangle).

A new warning signal will be made one minute after lowering of the “First Substitute” which shall be accompanied by one horn signal.

The Finish:

The finish line will between the RC flag on the committee boat and a permanent or temporary mark.


·   Protests should be registered within 30 minutes of finishing of last race.

· A Protest Committee of volunteer  sailors  will  be  organized  by  the Regatta Chairman prior to the start of sailing. In the event a protest hearing is necessary, the hearing will be held at the West end of the Porch (or a room inside the club).

Time Limit & Race Abandonment:

·  If no boat rounds the first windward mark within 30 minutes of  the start,   the Race will be abandoned. If no boat completes the Race  in  90  minutes, the Race will be abandoned.

· After fulfilling all penalty obligations under the rules, any boat that continuously attempts to sail the  course but fails to finish  a  Race within  30 minutes after the first boat finishes will be scored as Did Not Finish (DNF). The Race Committed may, at its discretion, abandon any race at any time if conditions are unsuitable for racing.

Wind Limit:

Per A-Class rules, no race will be started if average sustained winds are over 22 miles per hour.

Safety Equipment:

In accordance with class rules


  1. 5.     Rules for BBR racing
  • The BBR is a fun one day of racing, marking the end of our regular sailing season on the lake.
  • All rules for the BBR are basically the same as the regular LHYC Series but we don’t allow protests and safe non-contact fouls can be ignored.
  • However, there may be added rules that include extra points or penalties added just before the racing starts. (i.e. points for doing the best dance on the tramp as you cross the finish line, or best festive hat, or best water gun attack of a support boat.
  • In the spirit of the series there will be plenty of support boats cheering competitors on and being official beverage supply sources for each competitor in between or during racing.
  • Awards are given out for this day of racing at the BBR dinner with the overall winner getting their name on the prestigious BBR perpetual trophy




  1. 6.     ELIGIBILITY: The regatta is open to all members of the International A-Class Catamaran Association (IACA) and to their respective national


  1. 7.     ENTRIES: Entries shall be made by submitting a completed Entry Application, thru the Regatta Network link below.
    1. 8.       MEASUREMENT: No boats will be weighed but all sailors registering for this even agree that their boats are within the class standards. The organizer reserves the right to weigh or measure any boat and sails. All boats will conform to the minimum class weight using the supplied official scale for this event when necessary to measure. Sails without official IACA measurement stamp may be measured at the organizer’s discretion.
    2. 9.       SCORING: The Low-Point Scoring System per 88.2 and Appendix A of the RRS shall be used. Eight (8) races are scheduled, of which three (3) must be completed to constitute a series. There will be no throw-out race if only four (4) races are completed. There will be a single (1) throw-out race of five (5) or more races are completed. This modifies A2 of the RRS. There will be scoring for Overall, Classic and Foiling
      1. 10.  SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: This NOR will represent the Sailing instructions with any changes posted on the bulletin Board on the front porch of the club.


  1. 11.   PRIZES: Awards will be presented to at least the top three finishers in Overall, Classic and Foiling Classes in the LHYC Regatta as well as the Winner of the Atlantic Coast Championship series.
  2. 12.   PENALTY SYSTEM: Rule 44.1 of the RRS is modified as follows: "After getting well clear of other boats as soon after the incident as possible, a boat

takes a 360º Turn Penalty by promptly making one complete 360º turn in the same direction, including one tack and one gybe.

  1. 13.   ARBITRATION: All protests involving rules of Part 2 will first be submitted to arbitration. The arbitration procedure will be posted on the Official Regatta Notice Board on the Porch of the LHYC building as an addendum to the Sailing Instructions.
  2. 14.   INSURANCE AND LIABILITY: All participants must have a valid liability insurance policy and present a certificate of insurance at Registration... All parties involved in the organization and running of the regatta shall not accept liability for any accident, injury, damage or loss, whether personal, material or otherwise, to boats, third parties and participants before, during and after the regatta.
  3. 15.   BOAT STORAGE: Boats can be stored at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club. All boats must be secured by tie down points when

unattended. Tie down equipment must be supplied by the individual entrants. Pre

and Post Race Storage is available on request. 


·   Friday – (6PM until ?) – The “BBR” Dinner/Party (Hefele 19th Hole)

o   Open Bar and Food -

•       Come by boat or Drive to their home

·   Saturday (6:30PM) - Regatta Dinner with Live Music at the Yacht Club

  • After racing: Free Beer/Wine and snack food will be available. Cash Bar as well.

·   Sunday-

Post Sailing Grill Lunch / Beer

  • Awards (After racing, approx. 3:30pm) Awards ceremony for LHYC Fall A Class regatta Trophy as well as the Atlantic Coast Championship series Trophy
  1. 17.   TRANSPORTATION: Entrants are responsible for the transportation of goods to Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club.
  2. 18.   LODGING: Private home lodging with LHYC Sailing Members is available upon request. Most of the A-cat sailors live water front on the lake and as with tradition we offer out of town sailors to stay with us.  Let Mark Skeels you’re your coming and need a place to stay and he will match you up.(Contact Mark Skeels, at 973-294-4363 or










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