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Event Management for RegattasEvent Management for Sailing Camps and Classes.

Since 2008 Yacht Clubs and Community Sailing Centers have asked if they could use the Regatta Network system for their camps clinics and classes.

Naturally the answer was yes, but we've found that some or our systems and forms needed to be adapted for their applications. Every year, we ask for their input into updating and "tweaking" our system to better fit their needs. Based on their input, the Class/Clinic registration now includes:

  • Registration for multiple sessions on a single registration form.
  • Session based rosters.
  • Customized waivers, emergency release, and medical forms for your club.
  • Discounts for members, and/or registration for multiple events.
  • Online sales of program memberships or merchandise.

And more.... Naturally, since classes/camps and clinics don't need scoring and other regatta oriented features, they are charged at a lower rate - Just 5% of registration, 4.5% for other e-commerce charges (meals & merchandise). For non-member clubs there is a 3% surcharge for all charges.

During Your Session

  • Daily attendance sheets
  • Track progress.
  • All data can be exported for future mailing or e-mail marketing
  • Integrated e-mail and SMS (text) messaging console


  • Online registration customized for your session and accept payment by credit card, check or club charge
  • Offer alumni or family member discounts via coupon or in-line discounts
  • Automatically manage wait lists or approve applications
  • Camp Store for sales of meals,early drop-off, "after camp" care, merchandise, etc.
  • Real-time inventory for camp store orders.
  • Complete event accounting including descriptions of revenue by category with funds dispersed twice per month


  • Printed entry and waiver forms with current payment status.
  • Automatic check-in sheets.
  • Automatically generate and print class rosters by session
  • Online Medial forms with medical "exception" reports