The Lido 14 Class Association is a group of Lido 14 sailboat racing enthusiasts who maintain and skipper their Lido 14 sailboats according to the strict rules of Association – which helps ensure that competition is primarily a measure of the skill of the sailors. Ownership (full or partial) of a Lido 14 sailboat and current membership in the Association is required to compete in Lido 14 one-design competitions sailed under the Racing Rules of Sailing. See the notes below the application for additional information.

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Membership Benefits:

Fleet      Notes Cost
Fleet 1 –    Newport Beach, California ($15 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 2 –    Marina Del Rey, California ($0 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 6 –    Alamitos Bay, California ($15 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 7 –    Mission Bay, California ($15 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 8 –    Sacramento, California
Fleet 9 –    San Pedro, California
Fleet 21 –    Oceanside, California ($0 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 25 –    Portland, Oregon ($5 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 57 –    Columbus, Ohio ($0 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 62 –    Fremont, California ($0 Fleet + $25 Class)
Fleet 81 –    Fern Ridge (Eugene), Oregon ($0 Fleet + $25 Class)
Unattached Member –    Does not reside in the vicinity of a fleet

TBD: Email for details.

Notes & Additional Information:

Refer to the Racing Rules of Sailing and the Lido 14 Class Association By-Laws for complete information on obligations, rights, etc.

Fleets & Memberships

The Association is organized into Fleets, each of which organizes Lido 14 racing on a specific body of water. Members of the Association are expected to join the fleet corresponding to the body of water they prefer to sail on. Residency in the vicinity of the body of water is not required. Sailors that do not sail or reside near a Fleet shall join the Association as an Unattached Member. The Association is only accepting applications from US residents.

Boat Numbers

Members applying under the same boat number are automatically treated as Syndicate Members. Syndicates may include up to three Members and are limited to one vote. A Member shall specify all their Lido 14 sailboats that they intend to compete with in the membership year on their application; separate each boat number with a comma. If the boat number field is left blank, the applications will default to Associate Member. Associate Members are not eligible to race or vote. Boat ownership and current membership status is verifiable by the presence of a current year boat decal on the transom of the Lido 14 sailboat.

Dues & Payment

The membership period is January 1st thru December 31st .

The Association dues are $25 per member for the membership period.

Partial year dues are not provided.

This online membership system collects both fleet dues and the Association dues at one time. Fleet dues are reflected in the membership fee listed above for each fleet. Fleet dues are transferred to the fleet on a periodic basis.

Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted forms of payment. No other forms of payment are accepted.