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All races are proceeding as scheduled.

NOTICE OF RACE Fast Women Regatta and "The Ladies Trilogy" Point Yacht Club, Navy Yacht Club, and Pensacola Beach Yacht Club Saturday, August 1, 2020 1. RULES The Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 (RRS), including US Prescriptions, the Sailing Instructions, and this NOR. For the purposes of this NOR, one race will constitute a regatta. 2. ELIGIBILTY and ENTRY 2.1. The regatta is open to all mono-hull PHRF' boats that complete a race registration form and pay they entry fee by close of registration. 2.1.1. Online registration is available on Regatta Network at Registration forms will also be available at Registration for an additional $5 (total $45). 2.2. "Female" class boats shall have no males aboard while racing. 2.3. On "Mixed" class boats, at least 50% of the crew shall be female and there must be a female at the helm at all times while racing. 2.4. Additional Eligibility and Entry requirements apply for the Trilogy Series Trophy and will be detailed in Appendix A. 2.5. Additional Eligibility and Entry requirements apply for the Virgin Skipper Perpetual Trophy as detailed in Section 7.2. 2.6. Time-on-distance PHRF scoring will be used at the regatta. Boats without current valid GYA PHRF' certificate may be assigned a rating by the Race Committee. The assigned provisional rating will be based upon boats of the same design rated in the GYA PHRF' database minus 6 seconds or the lowest rating in the US Sailing PHRF' database, whichever is less and shall be at the discretion of the Race Committee. Designs with no PHRF' rating available in the databases may be assigned provisional ratings by the committee based upon boats of similar design at the discretion of the Race Committee. Provisional ratings are not subject to redress. 3. FEES The entry fee for the Regatta is $40.00 (online) $45 at the event. NOTICE OF RACE - Continued Fast Women Regatta and "The Ladies Trilogy" 4. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 4.1. All activities will be on Saturday, August 1,2020 as follows: 1000 – 1100 Registration 11:00 Skipper's Meeting 12:55 1st Warning After racing Awards Ceremony Dinner and Party (with entertainment) $10.00 per person (tickets available at the club) 5. FLEETS, CLASSES and DIVISIONS 5.1 There will be Spinnaker (Spin) and Non-Spinnaker (Non-Spin) Fleets. 5.2 There will be Female Spin, Mixed Spin, Female Non-Spin and Mixed Non-Spin classes. 5.3 Additional divisions of classes for starting purposes, or awards, may be made at the discretion of the Race Committee. 6. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS Sailing instructions shall be The Point Yacht Club Standard Sailing Instructions for Invitational Regattas and shall be available at the Skipper's Meeting. 7. AWARDS 7.1 First, second and third places will be awarded in each class. 7.2 Only those skippers for whom this race is the first time they are a skipper are eligible for the "Virgin Skipper Perpetual Trophy" award. The award will be given to the skipper who places highest in their class with precedence given to Female Spin class, then Female Non-Spin, then Mixed Spin and lastly Mixed Non-Spin. 7.3 The "All Female" award will be given to first place boat in Female Spin class. If there is no Female Spin boats then the award will be given to the first place Female Non-Spin class. For questions, please contact PtYC Fleet Captain, John Horner Phone: 251-213-8184 E-mail: or The Point Yacht Club - 251-213-8184 NOTICE OF RACE - Continued Fast Women Regatta and "The Ladies Trilogy" APPENDIX A LADIES TRILOGY TROPHY 1. ELIGIBILITY and ENTRY 1.1 Boats are automatically entered for this annual trophy by their entry into all of the following regattas: Navy Yacht Club, Pensacola Bikini Regatta Pensacola Beach Yacht Club Race for the Roses The Point Yacht Club Fast Women Regatta 1.2 Boats must compete in the same Fleet (Spinnaker or Non-Spinnaker) in all regattas. Boats do not have to compete in the same class (A, B, G) for all regattas. 1.3 Only vessels with all-female crews are eligible for the Ladies Trilogy Series Trophy. 2. SCORING 2.1 High Point Scoring will be used to determine the winner of this trophy. 2.2 Trilogy Series points will be given based on a boat's overall finishing place in their fleet for each regatta based on the number of boats they beat, plus one. 2.2.1 Trilogy Series points are given on the following formula for regattas with more than one race: If the fleet contains 15 boats, the first place boat in a regatta receives 15 Trilogy Series points for that regatta, the second place boat receives 14 Trilogy Series points, the third place boat receives 13 Trilogy Series points, etc. 2.2.2a If there is only one race in a regatta, then boats who are scored at their corrected finish position will be given Trilogy Series points for that position as in Section 2.2.1. 2.2.2b If there is only one race in a regatta, then boats who are scored using a "Scoring Abbreviation" (DNF, RAF, DSQ, OCS, etc.), other than DNC or RGB are given 1 Trilogy Series points for that regatta. Boats scored DNC are given O Trilogy Series points. Boats scored RDG are given Trilogy Series points equivalent to their position after redress. 2.3 A boat's Trilogy Series score for a regatta is its Trilogy Series points for that regatta divided by the number of boats in it's fleet in that regatta. 2.4 A boat's Trilogy Series scores for all regattas will be added together and the boat with the highest total Trilogy Series score is the winner of the trophy. 2.5 Ties: 2.5.1 If there are two boats that have the same Trilogy Series total, then the tie(s) will be broken per a modified RRS A8 where "regatta" substitutes for "race". If a tie still remains between boats in the Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker Fleet it shall be broken in favor of the winner of the Spinnaker Fleet. 3. RESPONSIBILITY The trophy is held until the next Face Women Regatta by the Yacht Club of the winner, not the individual. A representative of the Yacht Club shall sign a form accepting responsibility for replacing the trophy if the trophy is damaged. The estimated value of the trophy is $500.00
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