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RCYC Long Distance Race
September 8 - 9, 2018

Current Information

Class breaks are posted below, under three pennants. Pennant 1 is PHRF-A1, PHRF A-2, PHRF B and PHRF C. Pennant 2 is J-24,Merit 25, and Cal 20. Pennant 3 is Cruising and Ranger 20 fleets. 
Please send corrections and/or issues with class breaks to basshamfam@hotmail.com. 
Due to the number of entries and predicted conditions, the NOTICE OF RACE is hereby modified, as follows: 
DATES AND TIMES: September 8 and 9. Saturday: the first warning signal will be at 1200 hours, Pennant 1 starting first followed five minutes later by combined Pennants 2 and 3. Sunday: the warning signal for Pennant 3 will be 0930. Sunday’s warning signal for Pennants 1 and 2 will be at 1000. 
COURSES: There will be two starts on Saturday and two starts on Sunday. All classes will race both days. The legs of the race may be shortened at any navigation mark, or temporary mark at the discretion of the Race Committee. Saturday: Start between the Race Committee and DM “39”, leave the Red/Green Buoy down river from Sand Island to port, and finish between the Race Committee stationed at the Sand Island Public Docks and a temporary orange mark. Sunday: Start between the Race Committee and DM “2”, leave the “Red/Green” Buoy to STARBOARD, then leave Sand Island to STARBOARD, and finish between the Race Committee and DM “39”. 
Tod Bassham, RCYC Race Captain 
Pennant 1 
PHRF A-1: Sportboat Myst, Geronimo, JamJam, Free Bowl of Soup, Escape Artist 
PHRF A-2: Velocity , Lolita, Wildfire, Goose Chase, Desperado 
PHRF B: Thirsty, Yeah Baby, Still en d’nile, Cool Change, Margaret, Junkyard Dog 
PHRF C: Moorality, Rogue, Rushmore, Elixir, Mirage, Kind of a Big Deal, Nelly, Apple Pi 
Pennant 2: 
J-24: Deadbeat, Strange Brew, Bite Me, One More 
Merit 25: Nausicaa, Raicilla, OB-1 
Cal-20:  Light Speed, Local Motion 
Pennant 3: 
Cruising: Vaporware, Junovia, Sting, Rescued, Molika, Cando, Lykka 
Ranger 20: Flying Frog, Thunder Pig , Pumpkin Seed, Little Jewel
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