Registrants For
Cleveland (216) Regatta

September 30-October 01, 2017
28 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Sail# Bow# Class Hometown Yacht Club
1. Chip Schaffner

Fall Line 144 J/105 Avon Lake, OH CYC
2. Jim Uhlir

Trio 50259 J/105 Cleveland, Ohio EWYC
3. Stephen Mitcham

Breezin Bayou 93 J/105 Valley City, OH FCYC
4. Cindy Einhouse

Ovation 393 J/105 Lakewood, OH EWYC
5. Robert Mock

Dark Horse 52000 J/105 Snowmass Village, CO EWYC
6. Rick Drucker

Knot Guilty 10 J/105 Solon, OH Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club

    Skipper Boat Name Sail# Bow# Class Hometown Yacht Club
1. Tim Roberts

Deuce 1037 1023 J/22 Avon Lake, OH Edgewater Yacht Club
2. Rick Raymond

London Fog 1232 J/22 Chagrin Falls, OH EYC
3. Jim Latham

Ramble On 1366 J/22 Lakewood, OH EYC
4. Mike Meaney

Meaniac 744 J/22 Solon, OH EYC
5. Mark Stuhlmiller

Eudaimonia 51 J/22 Buffalo, NY Buffalo Yacht Club

    Skipper Boat Name Sail# Bow# Class Hometown Yacht Club
1. Tod Sackett

FM 313 J/70 Mentor, OH Edgewater Yacht Club
2. Lee Sackett

Aqua Dump 364 J/70 Cleveland, OH Edgewater YC
3. Scott Dinse

Margaritaville 303 J/70 Wilson, NY Youngstown Yacht Club
4. Karl Felger

Stupendous Man 751 J/70 Cleveland, OH Lakeside Yacht Club
5. John Zelli

Free Energy 160 J/70 Cleveland, OH EWYC
6. Bob Bairas

Thing 173 J/70 Medina, OH CYC
7. David Koski

Soul USA 312 J/70 Cleveland, OH Edgwater yacht club
8. Tim Gibbs

Layla USA 236 J/70 Bay Village, OH Edgewater Yacht Club

    Skipper Boat Name Sail# Bow# Class Hometown Yacht Club
1. Don Cairns

Celebration 23927 TTen Cleveland, OH Edgewater
2. Thomas Humphrey

Independence 352 TTen Cincinnati, OH NSYC
3. Ted Mahoney

Lazy Lass 331 TTen University Heights, OH EYC
4. Harald Bransch

Star Ten 30748 TTen Rocky River, OH Cleveland YC
5. Sue McIntyre/ Suzie Zack

PurSue 49 TTen Lakewood, OH Edgewater Yacht club
6. Todd Imbler

Onepass 350 TTen Cleveland, OH Edgewater Yacht Club
7. Bill Buckles

Black Box 376 TTen Lorain, OH Edgewater Yacht Club
8. Christopher Beal

Karma 309 TTen Lakewood, OH EYC
9. Rob Frink

Distant Thunder 32236 336 TTen Columbus, OH EYC

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