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30th Annual Lakewood Yacht Club Harvest Moon Regatta® and Sailathon : Lakewood Yacht Club

October 13-16, 2016

Crew Finder Detail:

Name: Scott Morris

E-Mail: scomo1947@yahoo.com

Day Phone: 5413911704

Evening Phone: 5413911704

I'm a 71 yr old highly experienced racing and cruising sailor. I'm physically fit, I do two sets of 60 push ups every morning. I have more than 40 yrs of sailing experience and I've owned a dozen boats. I have 6000 miles of offshore experience in the Gulf, Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific oceans. I have raced extensively on Gary Trinkline's "Toccata" and John Dickie's "Petite Helene" on Rum and challenge races on Galveston Bay. I did one Harvest Moon with Walter Harmon on the famous "Firewater". I'd like to do another one. I'm a good sail trimmer, mid deck, helmsman, and Kite handler. I'm also good at beah drinking.

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