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GHYC - Islands Race 2022
March 19 - 28, 2022

Current Information
Green Light
All races are proceeding as scheduled.

Three important announcements: 1. We will be racing the short course to Fern Cove. We are making this decision early based on currents and wind forecasts. Hopefully this will give us a completed roundtrip race. Please keep in mind, as stated in the NOR, the race can be concluded at Fern Cove if necessary. Also note, that the coordinates listed in the NOR are not correct. Here are the correct approximate coordinates: 47 degrees, 28 minutes, 58.5N and 122 degrees, 29 minutes, 35.0W 2. I am sorry to report that there will not be a post-race party. Not to bore you with the reasons and details why, but largely it was due to the number of racers in the early entries indicating they would not be attending. In other words, the RSVP numbers did not justify the effort of the volunteers. 3. The starts will go off as indicated in the instructions. At 0930 the Commodore and Cruising classes will start and at 1000 the first of 3 PHRF starting sequences. At 1000 just PHRF-7. 1005 PHRF 4 & 5. And at 1010 PHRF 2 & 3 As of this morning we now have 29 boats registered. 23 boats are registered amongst the five PHRF classes. And six are registered in the Cruising and Commodore classes. There are no entries in the single/double handed class At this address you can't find the entries and class breakdowns: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registrant_list.php?regatta_id=23560&custom_report_id=2 This same information is on the GHYC website. Please let me know if I have made any errors or omissions. Thank you for participating. Good luck to all. Erik Carlson 253-224-1513
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