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SYSCO 2013 Summer Evening Series - Tuesday
June 4 - July 9, 2013

Current Information

 Class Divisions:
Pennant 1:  Fleet A-1 + I

Pennant 2:  Fleet A-2 + B

Pennant 3:  Fleet Martin 24x

Pennant 4:  Fleet Merit 25

Pennant 5:  Fleet E

Pennant 6:  Fleet F

• I have read and understand all the provisions set out in the OCSA General Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Instruction #15.4 regarding the manner by which notice of hearings for protests and requests for redress filed with the OCSA will be given to parties to a protest or request for redress. 
Please click on the link below for information regarding protests for this series. 
• Correction to the 2013 OCSA General Sailing instructions in the OCSA 2013 Race book on page 62 # 15.5 The 4th sentence should read: “US Sailing’s prescriptions to RRS 60 & 63.2 shall not apply unless the Protest Committee adjourns a hearing and decides to apply those prescriptions. 15.5) The schedule of protest and/or request for redress hearings will be available via the Official Notice Board shortly after the protest time limit, together with a document file for each protest and/or request for redress as filed. These postings will constitute notice given and the protest or redress information as required by RRS 63.2 and will constitute the notice requirement under RRS 61.1(b). Hearings will proceed whether or not all boats are represented. US Sailing’s prescriptions to RRS 60 & 63.2 shall not apply unless the Protest Committee adjourns a hearing and decides to apply those prescriptions. Protesting parties may be offered the opportunity to participate in voluntary protest mediation.
• The location or characteristics of marks shall not be grounds for redress.
•  #1- Windward Rounding Mark:
Temporary Yellow/Orange Inflatable Mark
OCSA Designated Navigation Buoy "2" or Buoy "14" 
This changes 2013 OCSA Windward Leeward Alphabetic Course Chart.    


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