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SYSCO 2021 Spring Evening Series - Tuesday
April 20 - May 25, 2021

Class: PHRF A | PHRF A
No. Race Protestor Protestee Witness(es) Rule(s) Time of Hearing Notes/Results
1 3 Sail#: 69487
Boat: Sting
Class: PHRF A
Sail#: 69996
Boat: Lolita
Class: PHRF A
All crew on both boats SYSCO Spring Series, Amendment No. 1, Rule 5 TBD
Before the start we noticed that Lolita had 5 crew members on board. Rule 5 of Amendment No. 1 of the SYSCO Spring Series rules states that a boat greater than 27' to less than or equal to 33' can have a maximum number of 4 competitors. When we asked them before the start if we had missed the rule change allowing for more crew one of the crew said, "It is blowing, we are all vaccinated and we want to race with 5. Besides, who gives a fuck"?
69996 DSQ
POSTED:  May 13, 10:31
Class: J-105 | J-105
No. Race Protestor Protestee Witness(es) Rule(s) Time of Hearing Notes/Results
2 3 Sail#: 46929
Boat: Escape Artist
Class: J-105
Sail#: 338
Boat: The Rukus
Class: J-105
Mark Hallett, Eric Redmond, Everett McAvoy Failure to keep clear, Rule 17, 11, 12 Arbitration Offered
Both boats Spinning downwind on Port Board. Escape Artist is overlapped to leward. 2 lanes apart, Ruckus keeps heating up and swerving down until their boom is within our cockpit and approximating our shrouds, causing us to have to drive down until our spin began to luff. Warned them several times, leward boat. do not come down; I could not maintain proper course without them hitting me. We are warning and protesting. Then the helmsman swerved to heat up and their stern pivoted and we had to evade impact, falling off and allowing them to pull ahead of us, and we protested. Their stern corner would have had full impact, not to mention that I was already forced DDW to avoid their boom. The Rukus did not yield right of way, and then continued to "S" Curve into and then over us. saying they then had "broken the overlap" but that was not relevant, what was relevant was their barging.
Protest Withdrawn.
POSTED:  May 13, 10:36

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