Registrants For
JULY Sunday Series (Bullseye, H12)

July 03-August 31, 2016
30 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Francis Reardon

Lovey 843 Bullseye
Paoli, Pa N/A
2. Nicholas Kotsatos
Heather Parsons

Bona-Petite 845 Bullseye
Boston, MA Beverly YC
3. Marcia Browne
Marcia Browne, MD

TOBSAM 536 Bullseye
Chestnut HILL, Massachusetts BYC
4. Kym Lee
Jed Hoffer

Ferdinand 520 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
5. Chris Collings

Puff 766 Bullseye
marion, ma BYC
6. William Tifft
William N Tifft

Death & Glory 639 Bullseye
Marion, Massachusetts William Tifft
7. Chris Verni

NOBLE 891 Bullseye
Westwood, MA BYC
8. Ken Deyett
Mary Endsley

Lady Bug 601 Bullseye
Marion, Ma BYC
9. Wendy Goodwin

Red All Over 790 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC
10. Joe Vergoni
Johanna Vergoni

Kay-Jay 782 Bullseye
Marion, MS Beverly Yacht Club
11. Elizabeth Stowe
David Stowe

Celtica 584 Bullseye
Gilford, NH Winnipesaukee Yacht Club
12. Diane Bondi-Pickles
Diane Bondi-Pickles

Bella Dona 227 Bullseye
Marion, Massachusetts Beverly Yacht Club
13. Joan Tiffany

Cove Girl 512 Bullseye
Marion, MA BYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. J Walter Freiberg

Calamity 584 H12
Marion, MA BYC
2. Jed Hoffer
Kym Lee

Lickety Split 96 H12
Marion, Massachusetts Beverly Yacht Club
3. George Moffat
Deborah Bennett Elfers

Swan Song 137 H12
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
4. Niko Kotsatos
Barbie Foster

Daisy 565 H12
Boston, MA Beverly YC
5. Jennifer Walsh

Weecapa 564 H12
Newton, MA Beverly Yacht Club
6. Susan Vogler
Bill Berry

Nefertiti 104 H12
Marion, Ma BYC
7. Rich McNeil

Tiger Tale 477 H12
Rochester, MA Beverly Yacht Club
8. Mark Adams

Tiger Moth 277 H12
Wareham, MA Beverly Yacht Club
9. Ellen Bowler

Evelyn Faye 594 H12
Marion, MA BYC
10. Laurie Knight
Laurie Knight

Happy 618 H12
Marion, MA BYC
11. Erle Broughton
Erle L Broughton

Bairoko 536 H12
Saint Louis, Missouri Beverly Yacht Club
12. Lyn Hoopes
Claude Hoopes

Brooznoll 346 H12
Marion, MA BYC
13. Anne T. Converse

Dodici 470 H12
Marion, MA Anne T. Converse
14. John Waterman
John P Waterman

Water Lady 592 H12
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
15. Prescott Crocker

Nicklebee 204 H12
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
16. Ronald Wisner

Patricia 122 H12
Marion, MA BYC
17. paul bolick

Shepard's Pie 292 H12
marion, ma BYC

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