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AUGUST Thursday Twilight (SHIELDS, J/22, J/24, J/80)

August 03-31, 2017
25 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Annemarie Fredericks
Annemarie B Fredericks

Miss America 4093 J/24
Mattapoisett, MA Beverly Yacht Club
2. Bonnie Kirchner

BOOMerang 4446 J/24
Marion, MA BYC
3. Jacob Lees
Andrew Defrias

Blownout 2424 J/24
North Attleboro, MA Beverly Yacht Club
4. Jason Leidal

Leverage 2355 J/24
East Falmouth, MA BYC
5. Joe Mozzone

Panic Attack 5484 J/24
Taunton, MA BYC
6. Frederique Popitz

Pagramin 3966 J/24
Marion, MA BYC
7. Peter Quandt
Peter Quandt

Sprinter 4114 J/24
Wayland, MA Beverly YC
8. Cam Tougas

Wild Thing 4450 J/24
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
9. Cam Tougas

Wildthing 4450 J/24
Marion, MA BYC
10. Teagan Walsh

Badfish 2412 J/24
Mattapoisett, MA Mattapoisett YC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Dan Cooney

American Prayer 1010 J/80
Marion, MA BYC
2. Peter d'Anjou

Le Tigre 1152 J/80
Norfolk, MA PWYC
3. Jack Gierhart
Jim Tomlinson

Aegir 1123 J/80
Marion, MA BYC
4. Chip Johns

Cavitica 702 J/80
Mattapoisett, MA BYC
5. Scott Miller

Next Adventure 406 J/80
Lexington, MA Beverly Yacht Club
6. Mike Nash

Pura Vida 1315 J/80
Marion, MA BYC
7. Jamey Shachoy

Pearly Baker 146 J/80
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
8. Mike Sudofsky
Hew Russell

Four Spacious Guys 176 J/80
Marion, MA BYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Bill Berry

Syrinx 239 Shields
Marion, MA BYC
2. Ken Deyett

Coming Soon 237 Shields
Marion, MA BYC
3. Dan Goodwin

The Grinch 248 Shields
Marion, MA BYC
4. Jonathan Pope
JJ Pope

Madame X 220 Shields
Mattapoisett, MA Beverly YC
5. Graham Quinn

Harrier 235 Shields
*, * Beverly
6. Richard Robbins

White Rabbit 238 Shields
Mattapoisett, MA Beverly
7. Joan Tiffany
Chris Collings

Patience 4 Shields
Marion, MA BYC

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