Registrants For
Skaneateles Sandbagger Regatta Series Summer 2019

June 08-August 24, 2019
21 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. James Nighan

Margot McCormick
Lift! 760 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, New York Skaneateles Sailing Club
2. Rebecca Fleckenstein

Apfel 5363 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY SSC
3. Jim Bright

5033 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
4. Robert Hamlin

Mary 5418 Portsmouth
Preble, NY SSC
5. William Spalding

Tremolino 118 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Scuttlebutt
6. Richard Wiles

GBL 683 Portsmouth
Frederick, MD none
7. James Pecori
George Smith
James Pecori
Dire Straits 392 Portsmouth
Syracuse, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
8. Lee Klosowski

278 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
9. Kirk Reynolds

2317 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Skaneateles sailing club
10. Scott Laundry
Scott Laundry
Ethan Laundry
Miss L 5232 Portsmouth
Liverpool, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
11. Tim Rosbrook

Nick Rosbrook
Doc Dempsey 5113 Portsmouth
Rome, NY SSC
12. Griff Williams

4946 Portsmouth
Marietta, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
13. Mark Gummer

J80 751 Portsmouth
Lysander, NY Skaneatles Sailing Club
14. Kira Munger

Mini-Moon 1766/2021 Portsmouth
Fair Haven, NY SSA
15. Michael Dietz
Fouad Dietz
Fouad Dietz
Avanti 268 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY SCC
16. Kris Kiefer

Nui Nui Tui 5109 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
17. Walter Rogers

Maggie T MA 24 Portsmouth
Syracuse, NY None
18. Jeffrey King

Peggy 4173 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Suckerbrook International YC
19. Carol Williams

Aberdeen 121 Portsmouth
Marietta, NY SSC
20. Lee Klosowski
Lee A Klosowski

J24 3876 3876 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Skaneateles Sailing Club
21. Owen Wing
Rhonda Fabrizio

13372 Portsmouth
Skaneateles, NY Skaneateles sailing club

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