Registrants For
2021 Laser Masters' North American Championship Regatta
Hyannis Yacht Club

September 09-12, 2021
57 people have registered for this event

Laser Radial
    Skipper Sail Boat Name Fleet Yacht Club Notes
1. Nic Judson
TBD Laser Radial [Grand Master] Nantucket Yacht Club
2. Neil Cocker
144021 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] ILCA
3. Paul Revere III
147238 Laser Radial [Grand Master] Hyannis YC/413
4. Piers M MacDonald
154485 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] Nantucket Yacht Club
5. Rocky Geyer
160257 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] Falmouth Yacht Club
6. David Frazier
161100 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] FBYC Essex CT
7. Christine Shope
162427 Laser Radial [Apprentice Master] Sail Newport / Fleet 413
8. Neal Fowler
166914 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] Hyannis YC
9. Jacques Kerrest
174236 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] Sailfish Point YC
10. Dixon Pearce
177667 Laser Radial [Grand Master] Surf City
11. Frank Hennessy
181855 Laser Radial [Grand Master] Fleet 413
12. Sean Guinness
183856 Laser Radial [Grand Master] KYC
13. Leigh Savage
185917 Laser Radial [Grand Master] CSYC
14. Matt Doherty
189788 Laser Radial [Grand Master] cpyc
15. David Crawley
210675 Laser Radial [Grand Master] Bristol YC
16. Brian Leaver
211834 Laser Radial [Master] Hyannis Yacht Club
17. Rob Hodson
212132 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] WSC/PYC
18. Monica Wilson
215609 Laser Radial [Master] Usscmc
19. Robert Conner
217481 Laser Radial [Grand Master] Community Boating, Boston
20. Paul Clifford
217576 Laser Radial [Great Grand Master] Westwood
21. James Jacob
217593 Laser Radial [Grand Master] SSA
22. Lindsay Hewitt
217635 Laser Radial [Legends] Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club
23. Chad Coberly
217641 Laser Radial [Master] GRYC
24. HL DeVore
217739 Laser Radial [Grand Master] Larchmont YC, NYYC, Coral Reef
25. Peter Seidenberg
218477 Laser Radial [Legends] Sail Newport

Laser Standard
    Skipper Sail Boat Name Fleet Yacht Club Notes
1. Gord Welsh
2 Laser Standard [Apprentice Master] SLYC / Water Rat Dogs
2. Seth Gottlieb
36 Laser Standard [Grand Master] None
3. Brian Neubauer
154265 Laser Standard [Master] Rochester Yacht Club
4. Eric Johnson
156631 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Severn Sailing Association
5. Jeffrey Hart
183904 Laser Standard [Master] PBY
6. Carleton Wheeler
186508 Laser Standard [Grand Master] HHYC
7. Drew Carlson
187756 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Stage Harbor Yacht Club
8. Lynne Shore
194228 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Plymouth Yacht Club
9. Tim Landt
199921 Laser Standard [Great Grand Master] St Petersburg Yacht Club
10. Matthew Sexton
200210 Laser Standard [Apprentice Master] Hyannis Yacht Club
11. Scott Ferguson
204098 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Conanicut Yacht Club
12. Charles Buckingham
206051 Laser Standard [Grand Master] NHYC
13. Mike Matan
208838 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Michael Matan
14. Robert Hallawell
210690 Laser Standard [Grand Master] USSCMC
15. Brian Hughes
210865 Laser Standard [Master] Cooper river yacht club
16. David Hiebert
212867 Laser Standard [Master] USSCMC/FWBC
17. Peter Mark
214515 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Rocky Point Club
18. Steve Jones
214921 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Grand Rapids Yacht Club
19. Peter Vessella
215009 Laser Standard [Great Grand Master] St Francis
20. Patrick Wachholz
216299 Laser Standard [Master] Barrie Yacht Club/WRSC
21. Charles Hagedorn
216320 Laser Standard [Grand Master] NBYC
22. Wayne Colahan
217354 Laser Standard [Grand Master] USSCMC
23. Dave Penfield
217505 Laser Standard [Great Grand Master] Hyannis Yacht Club
24. Mark Bear
217585 Laser Standard [Grand Master] NBYC
25. Don Hahl
217591 Laser Standard [Great Grand Master] Brant Beach YC
26. Stewart Roach
217623 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Wianno Yacht Club
27. Scott Clark
217724 Laser Standard [Grand Master] AYC
28. Jeff Beckwith
218129 Laser Standard [Grand Master] KYC
29. Niels Heemskerk
218480 Laser Standard [Great Grand Master] Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club
30. Rob Emmet
218491 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Storm Trysail
31. Peter Shope
218659 Laser Standard [Grand Master] Sail Newport / Fleet 413
32. Roman Plutenko
218766 Laser Standard [Master] Chicago

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