Registrants For
2010 U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship/ America's Disabled Open Regatta
St Petersburg Yacht Club, St. Petersburg, FL

December 02-05, 2010
18 people have registered for this event

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Helena Lucas

GBR 75 2.4mR [US Disabled] ,
2. megan pascoe

GBR 92 2.4mR [US Disabled] ,
3. Darrell Suderman

CAN 3 2.4mR [Americas Disabled Open Regatta only] Toronto, ON CAN USA
4. Bruce Millar

CAN 39 2.4mR [US Disabled] Richmond BC, BC CAN CAN
5. Nigist Legesse Sewnnet

CAN 40 2.4mR [US Disabled] Toronto, ON CAN CAN
6. Audrey Kobayashi

CAN 18 2.4mR [US Disabled] Kingston, Ontario CAN CAN
7. Paul Tingley

CAN99 2.4mR [US Disabled] Halifax, NS CAN CAN
8. Mark Bryant

USA 29 2.4mR [US Disabled] estero, Florida USA USA
9. Britt Hall

USA 16 2.4mR [Americas Disabled Open Regatta only] Darien, CT USA USA
10. Nancy Graver

USA140 2.4mR [US Disabled] Lemont, IL USA USA
11. John F. Ruf

USA-88 2.4mR [US Disabled] Pewaukee, WI USA USA
12. Charles Rosenfield

USA 142 2.4mR [US Disabled] Woodstock, CT USA USA
13. Tamara Vermette

66 2.4mR [US Disabled] Milford, CT USA USA
14. Mark Le Blanc

USA 137 2.4mR [US Disabled] New Orleans, LA USA USA
15. Jeffery Reinhold

USA23 2.4mR [US Disabled] Kirkland, WA USA USA
16. Jonathan Evans

128 2.4mR [US Disabled] Boxford, MA USA USA
17. Roger Cleworth

USA 109 2.4mR [US Disabled] Lithia, Fl USA USA
18. Joseph Hill

38 2.4mR [Americas Disabled Open Regatta only] Seabrook, TX USA USA

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