Registrants For
Van Rensselaer Pursuit Race
Beverly Yacht Club

August 18, 2013
14 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Gregg Nourjian

Blue Pigeon 13249 Pursuit
Marion, MA BYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. William Berry

Syrinx 239 Spin
Marion, MA BYC
2. Steve Dahill

RIVA 50635 Spin
Belmont, MA BYC
3. George Gardner

Goodnews 8 Spin
Mattapoisett, MA - Massachusetts BYC
4. Mark Lindquist

Sterling 456 Spin
Kingston, Mass BYC
5. Jim Masiero

Ursus maritimus 52835 Spin
Sterling, MA US Sailing
6. Christopher Memoli

Dark & Stormy 1009 Spin
Wayland, MA Beverly Yacht Club
7. Richard Robbins

Mattapoisett, MA Beverly Yacht Club
8. Jamey Shachoy

August West 12204 Spin
Marion, MA Beverly
9. Barry Steinberg

Glory 52540 Spin
marion, MA BYC
10. Gregg Stone

Nixie 416 Spin
Newton, MA BYC
11. Joan Tiffany

Cove Girl 512 Spin
Boston, MA BYC
12. Chris Verni

NOBLE 891 Spin
Westwood, Massachusetts BYC
13. Bill Walsh

Nuts 244 Spin
marion, MA BYC

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