Registrants For
Hurricane Cup Pursuit Race
Beverly Yacht Club

September 21, 2013
22 people have registered for this event

PHRF Cruising
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Paul Rasmussen

Aequoreal 51521 PHRF Cruising
marion, ma BYC
2. Peter Vieira

CADENCE 60101 PHRF Cruising
Dedham, MA Beverly Yacht Club
3. Mass Maritime 3

Comet 247 PHRF Cruising
marion, ma Mass Maritime
4. Bill Hollman

DEFIANT 73 PHRF Cruising
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
5. Ronald Wisner

Hotspur 2175 PHRF Cruising
Marion, Ma None
6. Barry J Feldman

Newton Centre, MA none
7. Ron Noonan

Wildflower 50940 PHRF Cruising
Marion, Mass BYC

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Jamey Shachoy

August West 12204 PHRF Race
Marion, MA Beverly
2. Davis Sanford

Baccahe 53407 PHRF Race
Marion, MA Beverly Yacht Club
3. Steve Woodworth

Constellation 52579 PHRF Race
Duxbury, MA BYC
4. Bill Bowers

ConverJence 50903 PHRF Race
Topsfield, Massachusetts Beverly Yacht Club
5. Augustus Wagner

Darlk 'n Stormy 413 PHRF Race
North Falmouth, MA Buzzards
6. Barry Steinberg

Glory 52540 PHRF Race
Marion, MA BYC
7. Matthew Schmitt

Hardtack 563 PHRF Race
Bourne, Massachusetts Buzzards
8. Mass Maritime 2

Hopituh 54321 PHRF Race
Marion, Mass Mass Maritime
9. Thomas Perkins

Illusion 31190 PHRF Race
Bridgewater, MA none
10. Mark Verville

ISURUS 51410 PHRF Race
Charlestown, MA BYC
11. Tom Selldorff

Kinship 51333 PHRF Race
Weston, Massachusetts New Bedford
12. Steve Dahill

RIVA 50635 PHRF Race
Belmont, MA BYC
13. Mass Maritime 1

Sarabande 41941 PHRF Race
marion, mass Mass Maritime
14. Mark Lindquist

Sterling 456 PHRF Race
Kingston, MA BYC
15. Jim Masiero

Ursus maritimus 52835 PHRF Race
Sterling, MA US Sailing

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