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June 3 - 5, 2022

Dana West Yacht Club
Dana Point,

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  • Apr 06, 2022 18:55 EST



    25th Annual Charity Regatta

    June 3rd – June 5th, 2022

    Dana Point, CA 92629


    DWYC is the Organizing Authority.

       1.               EVENT

    The Dana West Yacht Club Annual Charity Event benefitting the American Cancer Society invite you to an event where all sailors can race for trophies and raise funds for the American Cancer Society.


    2.              RULES

     2.1            The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing   

                       (RRS) including applicable US Sailing prescriptions. The RRS are available at  


     2.2            The following Prescriptions of the national authority, US Sailing, do not apply: RRS

                       63.1 and RRS 63.2. Prescriptions are available at:

                       https://www.ussailing.org/competition/. This changes RS 63.

       2.3           The US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements (USSER) Near Shore Category will

                        apply, except as modified below. USSER is available at:


    2.3.1         USSER 3.8.3  A boat shall have a VHF radio which may be fixed or handheld.

    2.4            All boats are subject to inspection in accordance with USSER 1.3. Safety equipment

    decisions of  the protest committee will be final.

        2.5           CHANGES TO RULES

        2.5.1         RRS 51 is changed as follows: Movement of sails not in use while racing is allowed,

                         However, all gear and sails not being flown must remain within a yacht’s lifelines.

                         This changes RRS 51 only as to the movement of sails.

        2.5.2        RRS 52 Manual Power is changed to allow the positioning of movable appendages.

                         by power on boats as designed and as rated by the RA. All movable appendages

                         shall be capable of manual operation if powered systems are inoperable.

        2.5.3         Autopilots and steering vanes shall not be used by boats racing except that Double-

                         handed boats may engage automatic steering system during sail changes only. This

                         changes RRS 52.

        2.5.4        [DP] RRS 64.2, Penalties is changed as follows: Add: (c) For other than Part 2

                         infractions, the protest committee may penalize a boat by adding additional time to

                         her corrected time.

        2.5.5         National letters of country identification are not required. This changes RRS 77 and

                         RRS G1.1 (b).

        2.5.6        The notification requirements of RRS 61 and RRS 63 are satisfied for filed hearing

                         requests by posting pending hearing requests on the official notice board, a

            window adjacent to the front entrance of the Dana West Yacht Club (DWYC).


        2.5.7        RRS 29.2 - General Recall, Race Signals – AP, will be changed. Full text will appear in

                         the Sailing Instructions.

        3.                   SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

        3.1               The sailing instructions will be available after 1200 on May 20, 2022 at dwyc.org

                         and RegattaNetwork.com.


       4.              COMMUNICATION

       4.1            The official notice board is located on the window adjacent to the front entrance of                              the Dana West Yacht Club (DWYC).

                         For convenience, there will be online notice board located at:


       4.2            [DP] All boats shall carry a VHF radio capable of communicating on Channel 16.

       4.3            On the water, the race committee will make courtesy broadcasts to competitors on

                         VHF radio. The channel will be stated in the SIs.

       4.4            [DP] From the first warning signal until the end of the last race of the day, except in

             an emergency, a boat shall not make voice or data transmissions and shall not

             receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats.  This

             instruction applies also to mobile phones.


      5.               ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY

       5.1            The event is open to boats in the PHRF monohull class, accepted One-

                         Design Class(s). Boats must be over 21' in overall length and have a

            current valid rating and certificate for the class entered, where 

            appropriate. Any boat entered without rating, one will be assigned by the

            OA whose decision will not be subject to redress. Changes RRS 78.

       5.2            Boats may enter by submitting a complete entry form online at DWYC

                         Race http://dwyc.org/2022-charity-regatta/ or RegattaNetwork Registration Form at:


           and paying the applicable entry fee to DWYC, no later than Wednesday,

           June 1, 2022.


        5.3           To be considered an entry in the event, a boat shall complete all  

                         registration requirements and pay all fees.



      6.             FEES

      6.1           The entry fee is $95.00. US Sailing Member Fee is $90.00.Valid USSA Membership

                      Card is required.

      6.2          Credit card payment is the preferred method of payment. If paying by check,

                      please make it payable to Dana West Yacht Club.

      6.3           Late entries may be accepted. A late fee of $20.00 will be charged.

      6.4          Pledge sheets, must be submitted by 1800 on June 4th, 2022.


       7.             ADVERTISING

        7.1           Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the

                        organizing authority.

        7.2          Advertising on a boat shall comply with the requirements of World Sailing Regulation

                        20. Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the

                        organizing authority. If this rule is broken, World Sailing Regulation 20.9.2 applies.

         8.             SCHEDULE

     8.1          On the last scheduled day of racing no Warning signal will be made after 1400.

     8.2          The scheduled time of the Warning signal for the Newport to Dana Point race is


                    Friday      June 3rd             Newport to Dana Point race                   Start  1300

                    The scheduled time of the first Warning signal on Saturday and Sunday is 1225.

                    Saturday   June 4th            Random Leg race(s)                                Start  1230

                    Saturday   June 4th            Buoy Race(s)                                            Start  1230 

                    Sunday      June 5th            Random Leg and Buoy races                 Start  1230


    8.3          Competitors meeting at DWYC is scheduled for Saturday June 4th, 2022, at 0930.
















    9.            VENUE

                   Dana West Yacht Club and its surrounding area.


    10.           COURSES

    10.1        Newport to Dana Point race. For scoring purposes, the course length will be 12 nm.

    10.2         Drop Buoy and Random Leg races, in the vicinity of Dana Point Harbor.

    10.2         For Random Leg races, the Dana Point Race Chart version 8.0 will be used.


    11.          PENALTY SYSTEM

    11           PENALTY SYSTEM

    11.1        Appendix V will apply. This appendix is a US Sailing prescription.

       When rule V2 applies it does not replace any penalty that may be taken under rule



    12.            SCORING

    12.1        A boat’s series score shall be the total of her race scores.

    12.2        Races will be scored using Appendix A4.                       

    12.3        Support your favorite boat / skipper by donating at this link


                 it will be added to the pledge sheet attached [NP]OA Additional rating adjustments

                   will apply through fund raising efforts by each boat (see donation schedule on the

                   Event Time Adjustment Form). Note the Event Time Adjustment Form and Pledge

                   Sheet maybe printed off, completed and scanned as a document, uploaded with

                   entry or manually submitted to the DWYC Race Chair, www.race@DWYC.org ,   

                    (the Event Time Adjustment Form must be submitted with the official entry, note

                    the pledge sheet may be submitted by 1800 June 4, 2022). OA decision will not be

                      subject to redress.  This changes RRS 62.



    13.           HAUL-OUT RESTRICTIONS

    13.1        Keelboats shall not be cleaned below the waterline by any means during the




        14.           RISK STATEMENT

        14.1          RRS 3 states: ‘The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to

                        continue to race is hers alone.’  By participating in this event each competitor

                        agrees  and acknowledges that sailing is a potentially dangerous activity with

                        inherent risks. 

                        These risks include strong winds and rough seas, sudden changes in weather, failure

                        of equipment, boat handling errors, poor seamanship by other boats, loss of balance

                        on an unstable platform and fatigue resulting in increased risk of injury.  Inherent in

                        the sport of sailing is the risk of permanent, catastrophic injury or death by

                        drowning, trauma, hypothermia or other causes.


        15.           INSURANCE

        15.1        Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with

                        A minimum cover of $300,000.00 per incident or the equivalent. 


        16.           PRIZES

     16.1        There will be daily and perpetual awards.


    • PHRF Overall, Wesley Hawkins Trophy
    • Cruising Fleet Overall, Jim Ferguson Trophy
    • All Women’s Crew, Joanne McCredie Trophy
    • Top Fund Raiser for the Charity, Race boat entry
    • Top Fund Raiser for the Charity, Club member non-Racer
    • DWYC Beneteau First 36.7 One Designed Class.

           The perpetual trophies will be awarded Sunday afternoon.

       17.            FURTHER INFORMATION

       17.1          Competitors requiring an overnight berth in Dana Point Harbor may call the DWYC Dock

           Master for assistance. Call Ray Bell 949-370-1269 or at dockmaster@dwyc.org.

       17.2          The OA has organized this event, with the understanding that all Orange County, Health

                          and Safety polices are adhered to throughout this event. For further information and             

                          regulations, go to:




    Dana West Yacht Club Charity Regatta Event Time Adjustment Form

    Benefiting the American Cancer Society

    June 3 – 5, 2022

    Must accompany official Entry Form

    This year's regatta is open to monohull keel boats. If your boat doesn't have an official rating, an appropriate one will be assigned by the race committee. Racing will take place this year on all three days. For information concerning qualifying for trophies, please consult this NOR and the Sailing Instructions. Saturday and Sunday cruising class races will be a random leg course that will emphasize reaching and having a good time with plenty of people on board. Sunday's race will be short enough to get your boat put away and enjoy the trophy presentations and activities at the club.


    Sail number or Boat ID method
    Yacht Name: ___________________________

    Yacht Type and Length __________________                                                                       Owner _________________________

    PHRF_________________ RLC rating ______________________ PHRFOWC rating __________________  

    A non-rated boat may have time adjustments assigned; this will be determined by the Organization Authority. Circle the equipment that applies to your yacht.

    Non- rated Boat Adjustments:


    1.    Fixed Prop – 2 blade + 3, Fixed Prop - 3 blade + 6

    Head Sail:

    • Oversized/Dacron> 155% -6
    • Undersized /Dacron 140-154% +6
      4. Small / Dacron < 140% +9


    • Furling Head Sail ............. +6
    • Furling Main ................... +9

    Available to all entrants:

    Fund Raising: Boat total for donations (must be verified)

    Donating Funds at Dana West Yacht Club http://dwyc.org/2022-charity-regatta/ is the Preferred method to support your boat and skipper.

    $100.00............................... +2

    $200.00............................... +4

    $300.00............................... +6

    $400.00............................... +8

    $500.00............................. +12

    Total Time Allowance Points:


    Signature of Owner/Skipper: ______________________________________  Phone:____________


    2022 Dana West Yacht Club Charity REGATTA

    Benefiting the American Cancer Society
    June 3 – 5, 2022


    FUNDRAISER’S NAME: _________________________________________________________

    SKIPPER or CAPTAINS’s NAME___________________________ YACHT CLUB: _________________________________  

    BOAT NAME:______________________

    PHONE #:_________________________________ NIGHT PHONE_________________________________

    DONOR'S NAME                      E-MAIL                                                     PHONE                                                     DONATION $

    1. ______________________________________________________________ $ _________

    2. ______________________________________________________________ $ _________

    3. ______________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­­­__

    3. ______________________________________________________________ $ _______­__

    ­4. ______________________________________________________________ $ _________

    ­5. ______________________________________________________________ $ _________­

    6. ______________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­­__

    ­7. ______________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­­__

    ­8. ______________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­__

    ­9. ______________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­­__

    ­10. _____________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­­__

    ­11. _____________________________________________________________ $ _______­__

    ­­­­­12. _____________________________________________________________ $ _______­­­­­__


    TOTAL:                                                                                                                                 $ _________


    Donating to your favorite boat / skipper on-line is the preferred method. http://dwyc.org/2022-charity-regatta/ All funds must be turned in to DWYC by Saturday June 4th , 2022 by 1800.Payments may be made to Dana West Yacht Club (Funds will be forwarded to The American Cancer Society) or The American Cancer Society. For Questions about Pledge Sheets, contact: Helen Hawkins at 949-212-9115 or helendwyc06@yahoo.com.


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