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You are cordially invited to compete in Conanicut Yacht Club’s 87th annual AROUND THE ISLAND RACE to be held Sunday, August 31st, 2014 and to attend a post race party, dinner, and awards presentation at the Conanicut Yacht Club immediately following the race.




The AROUND THE ISLAND RACE (the Race) will be conducted by the Conanicut Yacht Club’s Race Committee (RC), which will have the authority to reject any entry before each race starts; interpret the rules and conditions of the race; and decide any protest. The fleet shall be divided into classes according to rating and other factors at the discretion of the RC.


The AROUND THE ISLAND RACE is open to monohull sailing yachts with a LOA of 22’ to 80’ and sport boats with a LOA less than 22’ at the discretion of the RC.

2.1 All yachts must supply a valid 2014 PHRF – NB certificate to register or shall be a member of a recognized One-Design class (e.g. J/22, Shields, J/24) for which a PHRF-NB rating is known.  A boat that elects to use the PHRF-NB rating of a One-Design class must be equipped and sail in compliance with the rules of that class.

2.2  One-Design yachts with five or more entries will be grouped in a dedicated class, and will have their own start.

2.3  The Entry Fee is $65, or $85 if registration is completed after 1800 hours on August 25, 2014.

2.4  No entries will be accepted after 1200 hours Friday, August 29, 2014.

2.5  Register online at: www.conanicutyachtclub.org/ATI.aspx


The rules governing the AROUND THE ISLAND RACE will be:

3.1  The 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing, US Sailing Prescriptions

3.2  The Class Rules for all one-design yachts sailing in a dedicated one-design start.

3.3  This Notice Of Race (NOR), and all amendments.

3.4  The Sailing Instructions (SIs), and all amendments, which take precedence in case of conflict.

3.5  The race is designated Category A.


4.1  PHRF-rated yachts will be divided into classes based on handicap and at the discretion of the Race Committee.

4.2  Spinnaker and non-spinnaker handicapped yachts will be assigned their own classes.

4.3  Yachts will be scored using Time on Time (TOT) correction using 2014 PHRF-NB Ratings.

4.4  Scratch sheets will be published online at www.conanicutyachtclub.org/ATI.aspx and available at the CYC Clubhouse by 1200 hours Saturday, August 30, 2014.


5.1  5 or more entries in a class – 1st place prize awarded

5.2 8 or more entries in a class – 1st and 2ndplace prizes awarded

5.3 10 or more entries in a class – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes awarded.

5.4 One prize will be awarded for the overall fastest elapsed time. Should the RC establish more than one course, only yachts sailing the longest course are eligible for the award. 

5.5 One prize will be awarded for the overall fastest corrected time using PHRF. Should the RC establish more                than one course,           only yachts sailing the longest course are eligible for the award.



Register for the race and purchase post race event tickets at: www.conanicutyachtclub.org/ATI.aspx

Registration will open by June 14, 2014.     

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